Worlds Biggest Pit Bull

Pictured above is ABKC Grand Champion Pokemon. He is not considered an XL, but a standard class American Bully.

Today, the American Pit Bull Terrier dog breed has many different lines that originated from the same ancestors. However, dog breeders took these pitbull bloodlines in many different directions. For instance, the American Bully Pit Bull is bred to have the look of a ripped athlete and the temperament of a family dog. The American bullies in the XL classes weigh in over 120 lbs in some cases.

From the Eddington bloodline: Raging Thunder’s “Big Block” weighing in at 120 pounds.

You also have the Eddington pit bull bloodline that derived from APBT’s as well. However, they were bred for weight pulling competitions. Some of the Eddington dogs weigh in over 130 lbs. They are definitely up there with some of the biggest pitbulls in the world.

Then we have the watchdog bloodlines. The watchdog pitbulls are some of the biggest of them all. This line was originally bred from game dog lines that included Mason and Carver to name a few. They were created as a means of a hog catching dog. They were bred to be strong and athletic and have the strength and agility while still carrying a great deal of size.

Pictured above is a watchdog bloodline “Goliath” that is one of the biggest in the world. This dog weighs in at a whipping 142 pounds and stands at 22 1/2 inches at the withers.

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