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Whey dog protein supplement

In the dog protein supplement it is easy for any dog lover to think that they can supplement the protein intake easily for them as the dogs are carnivores. Some dogs you will note are very muscular and there are others that require a high protein intake daily. If you want to build proper muscles of the dog then you must feed him dog protein supplement.

As a human being, we love to drink protein mixes after a good workout and therefore we also think the same for our little pooches. Dogs according to our thinking will really benefit from the dog protein supplement. But you have to also understand that the chemistry and the working system of a dog’s body are different than ours and they will not use the protein shake the same way we do. The dogs have a different nutritional requirement than a human being and they have a different food pyramid. Therefore it is important for you to understand that what suits a human being does not necessarily suit a dog.

In dog protein supplement, protein mixes that the human beings are taking these days is under a lot of debate. The health experts and other professionals state that human beings are suffering from an overload of protein that will affect our liver. You have to understand that the digestive system of the dog is smaller in size and will actually respond to the dog protein supplement differently. Your dog’s liver will get affected at a faster rate than a human being. This is the reason why you must consult your veterinarian before giving your dog a protein supplement.

In the dog protein supplement your pooch actually requires a lot of protein but you must provide it using the whole food source that is meat. This is the reason why you must always check the ingredient list of your dog food. Meat must be on the top priority list in the dog food. This is the way you can ensure that your pooch is getting a lot of protein. If your dog performs high energy work outs, is involved in a sport or is a show dog then you might require giving your dog his dog protein supplement. But always do this under the supervision of a veterinarian.

When you look at the wild dogs you will note that they get all the protein from the meat they eat. Whey protein is not a natural source of protein this is the reason why most of the professionals do not recommend this for the dogs. This must only be administered to the dog if he is not receiving a proper protein food source in the dog protein supplement.

You must provide extra protein to your dog only if he is into sports, weight pulling, extreme exercises, etc. if your dog is a normal pet dog with adequate muscles then you have to understand that he is not spending all the energy in the day and thus does not require an excess of protein with the dog protein supplement.