Pitbull – a family dog or a fighting breed?

A pitbull is a short, muscular, and athletic dog who’s ancestors came from Ireland and England hundreds of years ago. These dogs have many negative stereotypes associated with their breed. However, when socialized and raised correctly, they are an excellent family dog. Their life expectancy is around 12 – 14 years. However, there are some pitbull dogs that live in upwards of 19 years. The average height is around 16 – 21 inches at the their shoulders. The weight of these dogs varies from 35 pounds to 85 pounds. The bloodline that the dog came from will usually determine the size, height, structure, and temperament of that particular dog. While some pitbull dogs are more energetic than others, some are extremely athletic. These dogs excel in a number of sports. Once of the sports that this breed dominates in, is weight pulling. The original pit bull is not the same as the American Bullies. American Bullies were created in the late 80’s by selective line breeding.

Pit bull
A well trained and muscular “Pit Bull”.

One of the most popular canine sport out here is Weight Pulling for dogs. Weight Pulling is nothing new to the dog world. Dogs have been pulling wagons, sleds, and carts for centuries as working dogs. The United States formally introduced Weight Pulling as a dog sport in the early 1970’s. It has now branched out all over the world. This dog sport shows the strength, endurance, and determination of any breed of dog. Weight Pulling dogs are not harmed by the sport they participate in what so ever. The dogs are never giving massive loads that they cannot handle. Dogs are not to be lead or tethered, meaning that they do not have to pull if they don’t want to. Weight Pulling is an excellent dog sport that, with proper training, will have your dog in top physical condition.

So you may ask: What is a pitbull? Answer: A muscular, energetic, and well tempered canine who’s ancestors came from england and ireland. It is a member of the molosser breed group. When socialized properly, they are an excellent family dog.

Dog Weight Pulling is a competitive sport. It consists of a single canine pulling weight a particular distance with a time limit. The distance that is set is 16 feet. It is classed as a completed pull. A dog is knocked out of the competition if it is unable to pull the weight. This is called a no-pull.

How to build dog muscle by using the right dog sports.

The main piece of equipment used in this dog sport is the harness. The weight pulling harness is not to be confused with the X-back harness. These are two different types of harnesses and they are not used for the same purposes. The weight pulling harness has side lines that connect to a spreader bar at the hock, not at the hips. This difference is vital. If your are wondering “how to build dog muscle”, this is the right sport to choose.

Other factors in weight pulling is that the dogs typically pull a wheeled cart. This can be on solid, concrete ground or outdoor earth. There are also Weight Pulling competitions that use a sled as the pulling device in the snow. The dog has no contact with its handler during its pull. It is up to the dog’s determination and willingness to complete the task at hand. In the competition there are many rounds that need to be completed. The weight increases each new round. A dog moves to the next round when it completes a pull. The winner of the sport is the dog that pulls the heaviest weight load the furthest. This sport is a great way on how to build muscle in dogs.

How to Build Muscle in Pit Bull Dogs
Bully Max Sponsored APBT Fador. Weight pulling and supplements like Bullymax are a great way to build muscle in dogs.

There are two types of classes for the competition. One class is the Novice Class. The Novice Class is for beginners in this dog sport. The handler is able to use a lead on the dog and to encourage their dog to move forward. There is no pulling the dog forward for the handler, but the handler is able to cross the line and approach the canine. The handler is not allowed to touch the dog but can make motions to move forward and use commands. The dogs in the Novice Class are allowed to have two no-pulls before being disqualified. The second class is the Regular Class. The dog is able to have one no-pull before being disqualified. Handlers are not anywhere near their dogs. Weight Pulling for dogs also categorizes pitbulls by their dog weight bands. This makes it fair for dogs to compete against other dogs in the same weight division. The heaviest weight seen pulled by a dog is 3300lbs on wheels on concrete, pulled by an Alaskan Malamute, and 2850lbs on runners on snow, pulled by an Irish Wolfhound.

Pit Bull Dog Breed also known as an APBT
Pitbull Dog Breed also known as an APBT

It is not advisable to start training your dog immediately for pulling as a puppy. There are many other ways on how to build dog muscle for puppies, but weight pulling is not recommended. Young dog’s bones are not fully developed or set until they are about a year old. A trainer should wait until the dog is 1 year old before using actual weights in training. A good way to start training is introducing your dog to an X-Back harness. This will get your dog used to wearing a harness and having something behind them. With this basic knowledge of Dog Weight Pulling Competitions, it’s no wonder this dog sport is increasing in popularity in the dog community.

What is a pitbull? This is a perfect example of this fine breed. More information on their temperament, breed history, and the right dog supplements for this breed can be found throughout our web site. This muscled up pitbull uses the right supplements and nutrition daily.