Muscle Building Supplements for dogs and Pitbulls

Muscle Building Supplements for dogs
Ripped Up Muscular American Pit Bull Terrier Stud Dogs like these use a mix between the right muscle building supplements for dogs and holistic dog foods. Diet is the key factor in muscle growth and health.

Vitamins and Muscle Building Supplements for dogs

What you should know is there are many kennel / breeder website that advertise Nu-Vet for sale. This supplement is only designed as a multivitamin. Our product is not only a multivitamin, but it cover a wide array of essentials to have your dog in it’s absolute top condition. Also it is inexpensive compared to most products on the market. This is vital especially if you own more than one dog. The best part is, you can put it right on their food without worrying about them disliking the taste. Most dogs love the taste of Bully Max.

The benefits K9’s can get from Bully Max is a better immune system (which means
your canine will be safer from infections), an improved metabolism, and improved vision.

Bully Max is also excellent for proper bone nourishment which is essential for growing canines.

We own an am staff kennel and over the past years we tried just about every dog vitamin supplements on the market. We finally found a product that works and covers all of the essentials, affordability, easy to serve, and REAL RESULTS! We feed all of our dogs the daily vitamin supplements. Every one of our dogs love the taste of this vitamin supplement and it easily mixes right in with their dog food. It contains flavorful Natural Ingredients and contains many of the same ingredients as Nu-Vet but much more. This product also contains useful vitamins & has Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids.

One of the best quality’s about this supplement is that it covers all of the essentials for the working dogs. Many products on the market only cover one or two things. This covers everything from building muscle, to adding a healthy shine to your pet’s coat. It is an absolute must if you plan to show your pet.

When using this product our dog’s coat is the most shiny it has ever been. They are thicker than ever, and more ripped than they every were before. Their energy level has also increased due to the quality of this product. If you are looking to get your studs in shape for breeding, this supplement is a must. After working out our dogs while using this product, they have no trouble when it comes time for breeding.


Testimonial from Kinneman Pit Bull Kennels: We recently started to use Bully Max Supplement for our puppies and adults. They are now about 3 months old and we have noticed a huge difference compared to the other litters that we didn’t use this product on. They are by far the thickest and bulliest pups we have seen yet! Check out our boy at 2 years old after using Bully Max! I recommend this product to everyone.

We wouldn’t use any other product but Bully Max. We tried the vitamin supplement on our 2 year old boy and are amazed. Check out how awesome his coat even looks! We also started this supplement on our adults and have seen results already. We just put the recommended amount of the supplement on their food and they eat it immediately. As of right now every one of our American bullies is on the supplement and always will be. Visit our website and browse the condition they are in, just look how healthy and ripped up they are! They have shiny coats, tons of energy, and rock solid muscle definition, even the females.



Bully Max is an all in one Dog Vitamin Supplement. This product contains natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, or chemical preservatives. It is made from the highest grade products that are available on the market. It also contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids that are essential for a quality supplement. I also contains protein, and a good source of additional calories. It also contains ingredients that are proven to enhance your dog’s skin and coat as well as provide your pet with vitamins and minerals that cannot be found in dog food alone. Bully Max is a leading all in one supplement. It not only increases your dogs health, but it boosts their immune system as well. Our product is essential for any muscle mass building in pitbulls. It is also great for dog weight gain at advanced maintenance levels.

Pit Bull Food And Supplements
Do you want to have your Pitbulls & Bullies looking their very best? Use Bully Max today and have your dog in it’s absolute best shape ever.

We offer exercise guides and training tips to increase the benefits of our product. We also have recommendations and feeding routines to add extra mass in our Pitbull Blog! If you would like to become a dealer of our product Contact us today and we will provide you with information on becoming a dealer.

There are many canine foods on the market and sometimes it’s hard to tell which food has the best quality ingredients. Luckily, we found a rating system that tells you exactly what the best dog foods on the market actually are. Some are surprising, since they are so over priced, and others are surprisingly cheap considering the quality. Now you can see what are the best dog food brands.

We also have a section for exercise tips on our website. When exercising make sure to give your pets plenty of fresh water with our Bully Max all in One Complete Dog Vitamin Supplement. You will be surprised by the amount of muscle definition your pitbull will have within weeks. Treadmills, jogging, fetch, and spring polls are just a few ways to exercise your pet.

Want to add mass and weight to your dog fast? Visit our section with Pitbull healthy weight gain tips!

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Pitbull Muscle Building Supplements for dogs, This product will produce lean muscle mass, also will prevent and treat skin issues like dry skin, it also leaves your dog with a thick and shiny coat. Our vitamin supplements contain products that help boost their immune system as well.


Bully Max Dog Supplements – Bully Max All-in-One Multi vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs is a must for your dogs nutritional supplement! It is loaded with healthy proteins, essential vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and Omega 6 fatty, and Omega 3 acids. This is the ultimate all-in-one nutrition supplement for you dog health that helps: improve skin and coats, boost and strengthen your dogs immune system(important for preventing infections), supports healthy joints as well as healthy hip function, increase muscle mass building in K9’s. It also provides weight gain & stability for underweight dogs that are in need of weight.

This product works for “American Pitbull Terriers” “American Bulldog” “English Bulldogge” as well as all breeds of dogs.

We have sections on our website with the history of individual breeds such as pitbulls, bulldogs, and more. We also offer recipes and training tips and info on our dog vitamin supplements. With the proper training, vitamins, and feeding routines, your can have your dog looking it’s absolute best! Condition and health tips are also available on our website. We guarantee our dog vitamin supplements will help get your pets looking their very best.