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One of the top exercises for bulking up your dog is using the Flirt Pole.

This is just a pole, a string, and dog toy at the end, but it will make massive gains in your dog’s posterior.

What does the Flirt Pole do?

It brings out their natural prey drive.  By jumping at the toy, it gives them a full body workout (especially rear legs and cardio).

This is a staple of any champion breeder.

How to use a flirt pole with your dog:

It’s actually pretty fun!

Get them to run, leap, and jump after the toy while swinging it in the air. Make it a goal to get your dog jumping higher and higher.

Dog’s love the challenge because it’s fun and the jumping is what builds up the muscles of the hind legs.

How often should my dog and I use the flirt pole?

Most breeders will do this for 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

If you have a dog with a lot of stamina you can do this for an hour or more.

You can even do this with multiple dogs.  They love the competition and you can train several dogs at the same time this way.

Best practices to keep your dog safe:

Make sure when using the Flirt Pole that you keep your dog on soft ground such as grass or sand.  Do not use the Flirt Pole on concrete as it can easily injure your dog!

Stay on soft ground!

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