Truth About Pit Bulls

The Sterling Effect Truth About Pit Bulls

The owner of the professional basketball team the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling was recently in the news for racist inflammatory remarks that were recorded and released to the media by a girlfriend.

The comments have started the age old debate about racism in our society and how regardless how far we have come in regards to equality, we are still a long way away from everyone viewing people as the same. The coverage and outrage has been widely reported and boycotts and demonstrations have been seen by players and fans alike.

The situation caused me to think about the truth about pit bulls and the Bully Breeds, and the issues faced by the breed on a regular basis.

The truth about pit bulls is that the bully breeds have made tremendous strides in regards to breed relations over the last decade.  The truth about pit bulls is, the American Pit Bull Terrier has definitely made tremendous bounds in changing public opinion about the breed. It is now viewed as a great pet in many circles and the demographic of pit bull owners has spread across a wide array of pet owners and smashed stereotypes of what type of individuals own the breed.

truth about pit bullsHowever the truth about pit bulls, even with the strides made there is still a large segment of society, media, and officials who believe the breed is the scourge of the earth and only degenerates and low life individuals would own the breed.

The Donald Sterling remarks were seen as inflammatory, but there has been numerous times in the last decade that a celebrity, or public official has made statements about bully breeds being dangerous, killers and owned by drug dealers. These accusations are false and damaging for the breed. Why are not more owners outraged?

Where are the boycotts and demonstrations? Are the owners not incensed at the lies and propaganda against their family members? Well the answer is yes! When McDonalds ran a damaging commercial insinuating that Pit Bulls were dangerous, the community stood up!

There were letters written and a boycott of McDonalds was in full effect. The result? McDonalds pulled the advertisement and issued a public apology to the breed and it’s owners! Now the owner of the Clippers may not make a full apology to every minority he insulted, but it would be a start.

The difference between the prejudices and stereotypes and the truth about pit bulls is the ability to challenge the accusations. The question of why the comments were ever made, may never be answered, but the ability to challenge the statements with an educated argument goes a long way to destroy the myths and lies surrounding the statements.

Another aspect is the profiting directly from a group of individuals one despises. In the case of the basketball team the targeted minority was African Americans. African Americans make up over 70% of the National Basketball Association, the fact that an owner who profits in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars would despise a group that he profits so much from is even more insulting.

Going as far as saying he doesn’t want them at his games or in his rental properties! In regards to dogs and bully breeds and the truth about pit bulls is the same issue was present in regards to some of the large chain pet stores. These stores sold bully breed magazines, dog toys advertised towards the breeds, and foods and merchandise that depicted the breeds.

However, in some cases the actual breeds were not allowed in the stores, grooming salons, or training classes! The prejudice against these breeds was strong and everywhere. It takes a combined effort of owners to fight the stereotypes!

In the end racism in any form is wrong and hurtful. We as pet owners have to remember that those against our breed can be swayed to a new way of thinking, but it will take time. There is also a level of acceptance to the fact that some people will never change their thought process.

Ignorance is a horrible disease and in some cases there is not a cure! Even with saying that however, the medicine of seeing the breed prosper in arenas that they were at one time denied is a dose of medicine that few can argue with. The Bully Breeds will face their fair share of Donald Sterlings, but with a combined community effort the breed will continue to destroy the stereotypes facing the breed and the truth about pit bulls!

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