Training an American Bully Puppy

Puppies are even naughtier than our toddlers.  They are inherently curious and get into all kinds of mischief.  If it can put anything into its mouth, it will and it is up-to us to keep all such thing out of its reach.  Puppies become restless when left alone or they get bored and lonely.  So it starts chewing on things to release its stress.

Providing it with its own toys and praising it when it plays with them will encourage the puppy to seek out its own toys when it gets bored.  We can also make the toys enticing by hiding little treats in them.  Instead of spanking your buster when it runs away with the hairbrush, try praising it when he plays with his own little chew bone.

American Bully Puppy Training

Pit Bull PuppiesA litter of American Bully puppies playing together will spend a lot of their time biting and grabbing each other with their mouths.  When we take a puppy away from the litter and bring it home, the puppy will continue to play bite.  This is predominant when it is teething.  Though it is normal it needs to be changed and the American Bully puppy has to be taught bite inhibition.

Normally when the puppy is with its pack they learn to control themselves.  If they are too rough the other pups will be rough in their interaction too and this helps them to learn.  Hence socializing the pups will teach them to inhibit biting.  It will also eliminate the fear of other dogs and they can release their energy in a healthy way.  A well socialized pup is a good companion.  We should gradually introduce it to new people and objects.  Socializing is critical to the overall development of the puppy.

American Bully
Puppies ( to whine to vocalize their needs.  However excessive whining should be reprimanded with a stern “NO”.  During the pup’s initial days at the new house it misses its mom and litter.

We need to make the puppy feel secure and instill the fact that we will never abandon it.  We could start by leaving the puppy alone for short periods of time and then slowly extending the durations.  Avoid rushing in every time the pup whines because this will encourage the pup to start thinking that it can demand attention by whining.  In case of unusual whining make sure that you take the pup to a veterinarian as it might be its way of telling you that something is wrong with it.

American Bully Pit Bull PuppyHouse training a bully pit bull puppy requires a lot of commitment and consistency.  It is critical that we come up with a routine and stick to it.  This helps the pup to understand that there are specific times to eat, play and potty.  Ensure that you take the pup out regular intervals and reward it when it eliminates outside.  If you catch it in the act of eliminating inside make a startling noise and take him out immediately.

Once inside refrain from scolding it because the puppy might get the wrong notion that he is being scolded for eliminating outside.  Feeding him at scheduled times makes it easier for it to adapt to house training.  If you see any hint that the puppy needs to go, take it out even though it is not the usual time.  It will take a while for it to understand and adapt to this.

Sometimes accidents are bound to happen. So it is for us to be patient and understanding.Training an American Bully puppy involves huge scoops of patience and time.  Initially a few things will back fire but with time the pups will learn.  It will grow to love you and adore you like no one else can.  So it is very important to remember that the puppies are solely dependent on you and need a lot of care and understanding.  
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