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Training a Blue Nose Pit Bull Puppy

“Blue Pit Bull Puppy”

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The three key factors in training a blue nose pit bull puppy, is by repetition, patience, and knowledge. You can fill your home with joy and give you the experience of a lifetime.  Bringing home a puppy can be a stressful time for the pup. It will be in a strange environment away from its litter mates and mother for the first time. There will be new people and new expectations. The puppy is bound to feel confused at first. It is vulnerable and impressionable.  You need to be gentle and kind giving them enough time to settle into their new surroundings. Puppies have their own attitude and mindset. Hence it is highly essential that they be trained from their very first day.  The best time to start training the pup is the same day as when it comes in.

One of the important things while training a pit bull puppy is consistency.  You cannot tell your puppy to cuddle up with you on the couch today and then yell at it tomorrow just because it took the liberty of joining your friend on the couch. Neither can you get mad at it when it begs for food if you have made it a habit  to feed it under the table The puppy will get confused.  How can you yell at it for something its been “trained” to do.  Hence it is critical that we follow a routine and not encourage the pup to do things which we are likely to reprimand it for in the long run.

Every pup is genetically coded to exhibit canine activities. This may not be appropriate to our social settings.  For example it may eliminate in the house, chew our stuff , fight other dogs etc.  In order to prevent these, it is essential for every pup to have basic obedience training.  Without this there is no way a dog can understand what is expected of it.  Pit Bull Puppy training is simple and fun if only you are ready to take the time out for it.

The first step in this is to get the puppy’s attention.  When they are little they tend to follow their owners around just like Mary and her little lamb.  With time they get distracted by other things and this is when we realize the pain of not being able to capture their attention and make them heed our instructions.  Couple of times a day take a few minutes to familiarize the pup to its name.  Use toys and titbits to attract the pups attention and reward it when it responds.  Time spent in teaching a pup its name and practicing attracting his attention are ideal for future training.

One of the essential things while training is to stay calm and relaxed.  Dogs are tuned in to understand human emotions.  If the pit bull puppy realizes that we are mad or frustrated it will be in discomfort even if we try to hide our emotions.  Under such circumstances its better to take a break and resume once you have calmed down.  Always reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior.  Puppies are anxious to please and so rewarding good behavior is an effective technique.  Too many reprimands become meaningless and will be ignored.  If you find your pup doing something that should not be done instead of yelling at it, show what needs to be done and reward it for that.  Never hit a puppy because they do not mean to misbehave.  They are just following their natural instincts.

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