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When they say “A dog is man’s best friend”, they don’t say it because it’s just another animal. It is because it has feelings like humans, rules like feelings and has its own share of behavioral changes and mood swings. Unfortunately, dogs can express it verbally but they do whine, bark, lick and growl to do the same. So let’s not call them animals now, shall we?

When it comes to Pit bulls, they are terriers and hence by nature strong-headed and dominating. So if you don’t want your Pit-bull to dominate over you and be the man or woman of the house, you better follow the top 10 ways to train your pit bull.

  1. BE GENTLE- The number one rule is not to allow your pit bull to be aggressive. Don’t do things that will make him/her growl and be angry. It’s a bad nature to be instilled and could lead to aggression  becoming a permanent  part of its behavior.
  1. FOOD IS VERY IMPORTANT- This should have been number one in the top 10 ways to train a pit bull. You can use food as a way to make a connection with your Pit-bull and let it know that you are the master. Refusing to give the food, when you as it to sit down, clearly is a starting point in letting your Pit-bull know that you are in-charge.
  1. SHOW YOUR EGO- A very important step to show that you are the authority is to maintain a restraint in praising your Pit-bull. Don’t shower all your love all the time but show it that it has to earn the praise by being obedient.
  1. WATCH THE ALTITUDES- As mentioned earlier, Pit bulls are head-strong and hence look for opportunities to dominate. Another important step among the top 10 ways to train a Pit-bull is to not allow it to climb higher places like a sofa, a couch or a bed, which, for the Pit-bull signifies, gaining supremacy over you.
  1. AVOID ATTENTION SEEKING TACTICS- Just like kids who need to be disciplined by punishing them, Pit bulls too need to be avoided or give a strict nod of the head when they are incessantly barking without any reason. This is to tell them that they are not your most important and prized private possession.
  1. EARN AND NOT ASK-Teach the Pit-bull that treats, and play-articles have to be earned by it for good behavior and not just simply for no reason.
  1. YOU AREN’T THE SLEEPING BAG- Don’t allow the Pit-bull to randomly curl in your lap while you sit on a couch or sofa. Never let it feel that it’s master is the warmest bed in its world.
  1. WHO DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES- Even if you have used all your energy and time in training the Pit-bull, then you should be proud of yourself and the Pit-bull, right there. But do watch out for tiny mishaps here and there. Allow it to make mistakes and learn by itself.
  1. NO UNLIMITED FREEDOM- Keep the Pit-bull in control even when you are in the backyard with it for a stroll. Let it know, it isn’t allowed to go everywhere and anywhere.
  1. BE FAIR- A must in the top 10 ways to train a Pit-bull, is never allow the fake ego with your Pit-bull to hinder your view of what is fair and what is not. Shower praises when deemed fit.