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pit bull breeders

Choosing the right Pit Bull Breeders

These days, the number of individuals referring to themselves as quality pit bull breeders has made investing in this unique class of canine somewhat precarious. There is a difference between being an owner and a responsible owner of an American Pit Bull Terrier. Selecting a reputable APBT breeder takes a fair amount of research; however, it’s not just about making sure you’re getting a healthy dog. It’s about committing to the longevity of the entire breed.

Respected pit bull breeders earn their esteem by paying attention to and heeding strict, ethical practices. More than just registering with clubs and associations, they invest enormous time, money and energy in their dogs. Some breeders handpick their clientele and most will only ship their dogs under very special circumstances— if at all. When it comes to a reputable breeder, expect to fill out an extensive application and be prepared to answer a lot of questions about your lifestyle and home environment.

Valerie Plitz, the American Pit Bull Terrier Association’s vice president, recommends avoiding breeders who use head-size, rarity or massiveness as selling points for their dogs since such traits are not true representations of the APBT breed. These types of characteristics actually have the potential to result in health problems, meaning money is often the breeder’s prime motivation. Nonetheless, if a breeder or the purchase process for a dog comes off as a little suspicious, never hesitate to contact the United Kennel Club to find out if any past complaints have been filed.

While there are many making great strides with the American Pit Bull Terrier, the following is a list of the top 10 pit bull breeders that have consistently caught the attention of enthusiasts:

  • Caragan Kennels; Snohomish, Washington

  • Larum’s APBT Kennel; Reno, Nevada

  • Nevada Kennels; Fallon, Nevada

  • Tatonka Kennels; Defuniak Springs, Florida

  • Tom Garner Kennels; Hillsborough, North Carolina

  • Legends Kennels; Roswell, New Mexico

  • Blu Print Kennels; Sacramento, California

  • Colby Pit Bull Kennels, Newburyport, MA. Breeders of the original Colby Pitbull. One of the most well known and respected pitbull bloodlines of all time.

  • Against the Wind Kennels; Three Forks, Montana

  • On the Rise Pitbulls; Jacksonville, Florida

Whether a breeder specializes in APBT’s for home, work or show, a sharp focus on health, temperament and conformation standards is the foundation of an upstanding practice. The emphasis is always on quality over quantity; therefore, getting a true, high-quality pit bull terrier pup can sometimes require putting down a large deposit or the patience to get on a waiting list.

If you are lucky enough to get a pup from a top breeder, there are other things to consider besides bloodline and registry. Conscientious breeders will allow (and expect) you to:

  • meet the pup’s parents

  • check out the grounds and conditions their dogs and pups are raised in

  • inquire about the socialization techniques they use with their dogs

  • ask about health, testing or any past medical concerns in the bloodline’s descendants

As the relationship between you and your dog is expected to be a long one, you may be required to sign an agreement with specific guidelines in order to be granted full ownership. Some top breeders stipulate owners must relinquish the dog back to their care if they find they cannot satisfactorily maintain the dog’s upkeep— regardless of how many years have passed.

It is also common for top breeders to stipulate behavioral training for a pup and its owner with an instructor that has experience working with the pit bull breed. Many times, a pup’s papers will only be relinquished when the breeder receives a certificate of program completion from the trainer.

Anyone can be the owner of an American Pit Bull Terrier. To be the owner of a pit bull terrier with superior bloodlines requires full respect for the hard work and time top breeders put into their dogs. The best dogs only go to the best owners who can demonstrate they will keep their dog’s— as well as the breed’s— best interests in mind.

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