Top 10 muscular dog breeds In the World

Muscular Dog Breeds

Dogs of various sizes, shapes and proportions with differing temperaments are available for dog lovers to make their choice. The breeds range from gentle ones that wish to sit comfortably in your lap to some awesome giants that excel as guard dogs, police dogs and military dogs.

A muscular dog, as the name suggests, is a muscular, strong and powerful dog and the fact is many dog lovers are crazy about a handsome, robust, well-built muscular dog. There are many muscular dog breeds and there is also considerable variation in the different dogs’ muscle mass. Here are some of the most muscular dog breeds:

The American Pit Bull Terrier

muscular dog
muscular dog showing off.

Undoubtedly, the American Pit Bull Terrier takes the number one spot for the most muscular dog breed.

A breed that was bred for strength, muscle, and sheer determination, the Pit bull has the determination to work.

This working drive, along with proper diet, is what develops this amazing muscle build in this breed.

While they were originally bred for bull baiting and also used to fight one another, both of these sports were eventually deemed inhumane and outlawed.

However, their amazing athletic ability is now used in positive ways.

Their power is displayed in sports such as dock jumping, and weight pulling.

Their determination is used for search and rescue, and loyalty to their owners is used for police protection.


The American Staffordshire Terrier

The Amstaff, also known as the American Staffordshire Terrier
Amstaffs are often confused with the original APBT’s

The next muscular dog is the American Staffordshire Terrier is strikingly similar to the American Pit Bull Terrier and shares the same temperament and traits. These dogs are known for their playful nature and are a bit more mild  mannered with other dog breeds in comparison to the APBT. This energetic breed is known for its agility, solid structure, as well as their ability to preform well in dog shows. As with most muscular dog breeds, the American Staffordshire Terriers can be quite dangerous particularly if they fall into irresponsible hands or if they are maltreated or irresponsibly bred. This breed has a low tolerance for outdoor temperature and they must be kept cool during summer months.

Doberman Pinschers

This is a heavily built working breed that has been trained to perform as a police and guard dogs. Because of its arresting personality, many dog lovers train this breed as family pets. Though its physical build may be misleading, this breed is amiable, mentally alert and extremely responsive to training. The Doberman Pinscher is one of the most recognizable dog breeds as it is ubiquitously seen on television, movies, dog shows etc. This dog breed has a lean, athletic, and muscular build and posses a great amount of endurance and speed. They have an awesome grasping power and have worked exceedingly well as police and military dogs. The truth is Doberman Pinscher appears more fearsome than they actually are. This breed is of strong character, imperious and impulsive but can be trained to behave soberly.


muscular rottweiler stud dog
muscular rottweiler stud dog

This is a big size dog versatile dog trained for a variety of purposes. In Germany – its native country – they were predominantly used to pull carts, transport goods, herd livestock and serve as guard dogs. But things have been changing and today more and more Rottweiler dogs are family pets.  Please remember that Rottweilers need well-planned socialization training as well as obedience training. They have a tendency to become assertive and exercise dominance over any dog of similar build and size. You should therefore earnestly do obedience training early if you do not want to lose control over your dog. They are an exceptionally intelligent breed that requires a great deal of mental stimulation and if you do not keep them engaged, you will have to face behavioral problems.


The American Boxer dog is a great muscular dog and is of a medium build with some hard robust muscles and a pronounced square muzzle. The breed owes its origin to the Mastiff type of dogs. Boxers are adorable family pets and they interact exceptionally well with children. They are also terribly energetic, stubborn and headstrong and suspicious of strangers. It is these qualities that make them eligible to be trained as efficient guard dogs. The Boxer has very strong jaws and a powerful bite and keeps hanging on to large prey. The Boxer has very strong jaws and a powerful bite and keeps hanging on to large prey. Boxers are extremely active, strong dogs and need constant exercises to prevent bad behaviors such as chewing, digging, or licking. According to 2011 statistics revealed by American Kennel Club, Boxers are the seventh most popular breed of dog in the United States. According to 2011 statistics revealed by American Kennel Club, Boxers are the seventh most popular breed of dog in the United States. Boxers need regular outlets for their energy, but care must be taken in warm weather because of their short muzzles. They should not be overly exposed to the weather particularly during summer months.


The Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino makes for the ultimate guard dog, as well as the perfect family pet when socialized properly.

The Dogo Argentino dogs are generally strong and sturdy and endowed with a muscular dog structure. They have an innate quality to fight with larger animals and even kill them. But, they are steadfastly loyal to its master and his family. The Dogo Argentino is a muscular dog breed that was bred in Argentina specifically as a game hunting dog. Historically speaking, the breeder of this dog was a man by the name of Antonio Martinez. He wanted to create a dog that showed bravery and a desire to protect its owner. It was first created in 1928 by breeding the Cordoba Fighting Dog along with a wide variety of other dog breeds. The Dogo Argentino behaves in a disciplined manner and seldom barks and remains unusually calm and well-poised. The dog can be aggressive when provoked and if not trained properly from an early age. They were originally used as fighting dogs in hunting areas.

“Bully Whippets” also known as Myostatin or Muscle Whippets

bully whippet
The Bully Whippet was created by a genetic mutation. However, breeders soon realized this mutation made them the ultimate race dog and continued to breed this line of dogs.

The Bully Whippet was created by a genetic mutation. While breeders would normally cull any genetic mutations, this actually made these dogs faster at racing and was continued to be used in breeding. When Racing Whippet puppies started showing signed of mutation and an extraordinary amount of muscle mass, The breeders of the normally slim dog contacted scientists for DNA samples. Their goal was to find the cause of this mutation and purge it from the breed. There was only one drawback from culling this gene, it actually worked to the dog’s advantage. These heavy set dogs were known as “Bully Whippets”. It turns out, that the breeders might not want to get rid of the “Bully” gene after all. The same mutation that created the muscles also help them on the race track. This genetic mutation is know as Myostatin. These whippets are sometimes referred to as Bully Myostatin Whippets. While these dogs look far from normal, they are actually perfectly healthy canines.

The American Bully

the american bully
A standard “American Bully”. The standard American Bully stands around 17 inches at the withers, conforms to the majority of the original pit bull’s structure, however this breed carries more mass & muscle. The standard is much less extreme looking than some of todays bullies, such as Bully Campline’s Mr. Miagi.

The American Bully is a short, wide, and muscular dog breed that was bred by selectively line breeding the American pit bull terrier. The most popular American Bully Bloodlines include Razors Edge and Gottiline. This is a relativity new breed of dogs compared to the APBT. However, they are growing rapidly in popularity. Their temperament is more mellow than that of the original APBT. However, their size is usually double. While there are a great deal of breeders that breed American Bullies, the breed standard varies from each kennel. Some prefer a more extreme look (As soon with Gottiline dogs), while other prefer a more standard look (As seen in the Remyline bloodline). Whichever the case, it’s a matter of personal preference. If you want an extreme bully look, or a dog that has the ability to work, it will all depend on what you prefer.


greyhound-dogs Last in our muscular dog list is the greyhounds are by far the fastest dog breed, they also carry a great deal of muscle mass well. While this dog breed isn’t prone to experience problems such as hip dysplasia, they often experience Digestive Disorders. Some of the Digestive Disorders they experience are acute gastroenteritis, small intestinal malabsorption, as well as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. The first sign of a digestive disorder would be discomfort, or less frequent bowel movements. Also, this dog breed cannot metabolize anesthesia well. So if you own a greyhound, and they are being put to sleep be sure you vet knows this fact. If you are getting common surgeries done your dog will need anesthesia (spaded, neutered, fixing a hernia, ext). Be sure your vet is familiar with this fact about greyhounds. The amount of anesthesia given to a 75 pound Pit Bull would be fatal to a 75 pound Greyhound!

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