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Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed – Top Guard Dogs

The intention for the Tibetan Mastiff dog breed, was to protect and guard their owners flocks. With the natural predators in most areas of Tibet as large as wolves and leopards, the Tibetan Mastiff dog breed had to be fierce and tenacious. The Tibetan Mastiff dog breeders of today selectively breed in more gentle and sociable traits so they can thrive in family settings. A generously large fenced in yard is the only acceptable sized space for the Tibetan Mastiff dog breed because they need the space to stretch their legs and play. Those who live in apartments are not good candidates to own a Tibetan Mastiff dog. The Western-bred Tibetan Mastiff is a bit more easy going, but still alert and uncertain of strangers until properly introduced. The Tibetan Mastiff dog breed does not do well if kept outside during night hours. The Tibetan Mastiff dog breed will often sleep during the day and be more active at night. Neighbors will not enjoy the barking that will almost definitely ensue if your dog takes notice of the other nocturnal animals.

Tibetan Mastiff

Shown above, this Tibetan mastiff is shown doing protection training. These dogs are one of the top guard dogs. It is recommended to do extensive training with any guard dog.

Top Guard Dogs

Tibetan monks have long since been known to be a very private and spiritual people. The Tibetan Mastiff dog breed was originated within the Tibetan walls, and allowed for a select few to have one. It wasn’t until later that Tibet cut off access to their sanctuary to westerners, thus keeping the Tibetan Mastiff and perfecting the breed without any outside influences. Several hundred years went by when in the mid 1800?s, a Tibetan Mastiff was gifted to Queen Victoria of England by the Dalli Lama. From that the desire to have a Tibetan Mastiff dog grew, and more of the dog breed was imported to England. The British then began to refine and standardize the breed of what we now see today. When trained correctly, they can be considered on of the “Top Guard Dogs”. It is sad to say that currently the Tibetan Mastiff is a rare sight to see in their native land of Tibet. This is in part because they are now exporting the majority of Tibetan Mastiff puppies.

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