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The “Razors Edge Pitbull”


“Razors edge pitbull” 

It was the Razors edge pit bull that played a key role in creating American Bullies. 

The Razors Edge Pitbull is a line of dogs created by Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale in the 90′s in Maryland and Washington D.C. Originally their line consisted of game dogs which is much different from the temperaments of most of the Razors Edge dogs that are being bred today. Today, they still have the same working drive, however they are less aggressive. Originally they started their line with these game dogs and by subscribing to the ADBA Gazette and researching the American Pit Bull.

They also expanded their knowledge of the breed by contacting breeders personally to find more information about creating bloodlines. At the time, they only owned a few back yard bred pitbulls that did not have papers. Eventually they invested some money into the dogs and purchased game bred dogs from a respectable bloodline. One of the best dogs in that time period was a dog named “Plummers Alligator”. This dogs pedigree mainly consisted of Mayfield lines. They also ventured off and acquired dogs from the Hemphill and Wilder bloodlines as well.

Eventually they purchased a dog named Diablo from George Williams in Washington DC. Diablo sire was Hollinsworth Bull and was well known at the time. His Dam was a game dog named Wildsides Ms. Leaky. This was the point of their program that they started to add size, bone, and more structure to their line of dogs. The first ever pitbull razors edge registered was owned by Curt Plater. It was from the first razors edge breeding and was ADBA registered. They bred their Mayfield dog named Zeus to a Mayfield female named Jinx.

Eventually they banned pitbulls in PG County and Dave Wilson from Razors Edge Kennels was forced to move. He landed a managers job at a pet store in Virginia and moved his kennel to that area where it still exists today.

Razors edge is one of the most respected and well know pit bull bloodlines to this day. It’s dogs are found in every area across the world. Many of the owners pride themselves taking care of their dogs and promoting positive pit bull press. You can find many breeders on forums such as the “Elite Edge Board”. The majority of the dogs you will find on this message board are what you would consider American Bullies. These dogs can now be found throughout the entire world.


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