Razors Edge Pit bull And Their History

Razors Edge Pit Bull
Razors Edge Pit Bull

Pitbulls have been a point of controversy for quite some time with different people having different views of these animals. While some believe that they are ferocious and cause harm, there are still others that believe otherwise.

There are some people who love to own Pitbulls purely for competitions.

However, Pitbulls are well known to be great companions and these large muscular dogs have their own unique characteristics that make them adorable.

Among the different types of Pitbulls, there are a number of mixed breeds such as Razors Edge Pitbulls.

These dogs are s short muscular mixed breed and they are selectively bred for traits such as loyalty and a calm, loving temperament, as well as the physical traits of a muscular, large dog.

How The Razors Edge Pit bull Started

The 1980’s saw the introduction of the blood line of Razors Edge Pitbulls. They were bred selectively to be more of a bully companion dog, rather than the traditional Pitbull. Razors Edge Pitbulls are well known for their desirable social skills and they are very conformable, as long as you have bought them from an ethical and quality breeder.

While they are not show dogs, they make excellent pets and are American Bullies bred off the Pitbull. They are usually mixed with Mastiff of American Bulldog. While their blood line is from a line of game dogs, Razors Edge Pitbulls have a lot of mixed blood along the line.

If you plan to adopt a Razors Edge Pit bull, keep in mind that you should be very careful about the breeder from where you get your pet. Contrary to the traditional American Pitbull Terrier, a Razors Edge Pitbull is more of a loyal companion than a fighting or game dog.

However, there might be some greedy breeders who do just mix breeds for the physical traits and this could end up with undesirable consequences. For example, the dog that you adopt under the assumption that it is a Razors Edge Pitbull may be nowhere near in temperament to what it ought to be. Always remember that an actual Razors Edge Pit bull will have selective traits. For example, they will be strong, short or muscular, and their temperament will be gentle and loyal.

While top kennel clubs do not generally consider the Razors Edge Pitbull  to be a pure APBT breed because they are mixed with other bullies, the main point about these dogs is that they are selectively bred for a purpose.

They are animals of high quality and you can take real pride in owning one. However, some countries have banned any animal that is called a Pitbull, and before you choose to buy a Razors Edge Pit bull, it is vital that you check with local authorities as to whether the rules permit you to own one of them.

Also, before you buy one of these animals, check on prices. Many breeders try to rip others off by extortionate charges. However, the actual cost of a Razors Edge Pit bull should not exceed $2,000. Choose with care and know your dog and it will be your best friend for life.

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