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The American Bully Pit Bull / Bullies

american bully
American bully pit bulls are usually registered with the ABKC

The official registry for the American Bully breed dog is the organization known as the  A.B.K.C / ABKC pitbull registry, or the long formal name,American Bully Kennel Club. The American Bully breed has a body type that is compact and generally a medium to large size dog. The body is very muscular and has a blocky, wide shaped head. Their appearance should have a heavy bone structure with a Bully build and look.  A person’s first impression when coming close to this breed is its strength for its size.  The American Bully is very powerful and effortless in it’s movement. This breed is full of energy and is always aware of its surroundings.

The American Bully breed is a fairly new breed of dog. It was created in 1990 and has been recognized as a notable breed in 2004, in part, by the help of the A.B.K.C. The American Bully breed is bred with the intentions of giving American breeds a new outlet. It has many of the same positive qualities of the American Staffordshire Terrier. They are loyal and friendly to their human caretakers. The only difference between an American Bully and an American Staffordshire Terrier is their physical appearance. Bully Pit Bull Pictures can be found here.

The A.B.K.C.  is highly recognized as being created for the American Bully. This club was also established to bring Bully enthusiasts together. Nothing bonds people together like having the same love for the breed of their dogs.  The was not only created for the American Bully, it was created to bring people together in unity and diversity and to allow people to come together with the common bond or enjoying their companions. The A.B.K.C.  is not just for the American Bully Breed. It currently has a multi breed registry in all Bully breeds. They host many events and shows that help promote a positive image for Bully breeds. They try to educate the public that Bully breeds are not genetically aggressive dogs. They show that these dog’s owners really care about them and that they are loyal, friendly dogs. Aggressive behavior all depends on how a dog is raised. As per the  A.B.K.C. , “the goal of the A.B.K.C. is to bring people together for their love of the breed and to help break down negative stereotype of both the breed and people.”

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As the Bully breed becomes one of most popular breed of dogs to own, it is an asset to have your dog registered with the American Bully Kennel Club. It is a community of people who appreciate the Bully breeds and gives the owner a sense of pride for their dog. Bully Pit Bull Breeders can be found around the USA as well as around the world.