Dog Training: Teach Your Dog to Come On Command

dog training come when called command

The Most important dog training command you can teach your dog

Teaching your dog to come on command is invaluable dog training since it could save him from all manner of dangers. In addition, it is doubtful that you want to spend hours persuading him to return to you at the park when he has other ideas. Pursuing him in an attempt to capture him would be an unpleasant experience. With perseverance, you can train your dog to display good recall performance.

Take small steps & using dog treats

It is a bad idea to let your dog off the lead if you are not certain that he will return when you call. Instead, teach him recall in your garden using a long leash. Be sure to have tasty treats in your pocket with which to reward him when he comes. To induce him to do so, take a few steps away from him, crouch down, and call him in an excited voice. Use the command “come,” “return,” or “here” rather than calling his name, and only say your chosen word when you have his complete attention.

Initially, let your dog observe that you are holding a treat when you call him. However, once he understands that when he comes to you he will receive a treat, keep the food in your pocket until he reaches you. Furthermore, tell him to “sit” before giving him a treat.

Once your dog reliably returns to you, walk further away from him before calling. Repeat the exercise you carried out previously, and remember to use an animated tone of voice when you issue the recall dog training command.

Make recall a dog training game

If there is another person willing to play the dog training Recall game, ask them to stand apart from you. Proceed by taking turns to call your dog and issue a reward when he follows the recall command. You can play this game indoors and out-of-doors. Additionally, play Recall in a number of safe places. Your dog will come to understand that he needs to return when you call anywhere. At the same time, try recall when there are distractions such as loud noises or the sound of people in close proximity. As a result of the dog training, your dog will learn that he should pay attention to you rather than to what is going on around him.

Using obstacles during training

You do not want your dog to conclude that spending time playing chase with other dogs is preferable to returning to you when you call. Therefore, use extremely tempting snacks as treats when you first let your dog play off the lead. He needs to know that obeying the recall command is far more rewarding than joyfully leaping about with his pals. Ordinary dry dog food is unlikely to tempt him to obey your command when he could romp and play with his mates. Moreover, do not let him off the lead until his recall is excellent in the enclosed spaces where you have been practicing.

Do not use the recall command for dog training if you perceive that your dog is not interested in returning to you. Instead, when you catch his eye, run away from him while throwing your arms up in the air to indicate that you are not amused. Since he is unlikely to want to be rejected by you, he will probably run after you. If running away from him fails to work, turn your back on him, crouch on the ground and pretend that you have found an amazing treasure. Vocalize how brilliant your latest acquisition is by marveling at its splendor. Shouting “how wonderful” and “it’s fantastic” will grab his attention because of your enthusiastic voice, which will draw him toward you. You will not have wasted the recall command, but will have accomplished your aim. When he eventually comes, praise him rather than yelling at him for not coming back sooner. If you chastise him, he will not want to return in the future.

Recall is one of the key dog training commands you need to teach your dog. Effectively teach him to come when you call, and he will be a pleasure to take for a walk. At the same time, you will have peace of mind knowing that he will come to you when you want him to during an emergency.

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