How To Teach a Dog To Sit – Basic Brain Building with your Bully (Part 1)

How To Teach a Dog To Sit

how to teach a dog to sit
Cody Blackburn from Carolina Bully Farms talking about how to teach a dog to sit by using better dog psychology.

It’s that time again, your anxiety builds as the minute hand steadily moves towards 2 o’clock in the afternoon. It’s your housewarming party and you plan on having 10 of your closest friends stop by your new home and christen it with football, food, drinks and laughter.

There’s only one problem, and it’s a big seventy pound problem, your large untrained bully puppy, that might need dog training classes. The first car arrives and you wipe your hands on your pants, as the puppy bounds and barks at the door ready to pounce on whichever guest is unfortunate to be the first to enter the foyer.

This is a dilemma that many pet owners face and a huge reason that pets get abandoned at shelters. They don’t necessarily want an obedience champion, but they do want a pet that at the least has good manners.

Nobody likes the giant bulldog that jumps, slobbers, mouths, or constantly aggravates guests to the home. So every week we here at BullyMax want to delve into a command that will help keep your puppy in your home and not at the shelter. It may also help you maintain more than Facebook friendships! That’s right real friends that actually get to meet you and your pet!  So let’s dive into learning how to teach a dog to sit.

The first is how to teach a dog to sit! Of course it is, even children are able to teach the command a few treats and one deft move of the treat over your bully’s head and presto it naturally sits down. Accompany that with the verbal cue, “Sit”, and you have just became a renowned trainer worthy of a network reality program.

Marco Suarez from Suarez working with one of his dogs on some basic stacking training.
Stacking your dog may be one of the most time consuming forms of dog training. It takes hours of practice, and the utmost patience.

Maybe not, but it is an easy enough dog command to teach and the self gratifying award is success in itself. So to recap, allow your pet to smell the treat, make a fist and slowly move it over your dog’s head, giving the command, Fido Sit. The movement should cause him, or her to sit back on its haunches. Once it executes this, give it the treat and say attaboy, good girl, or Hippity Hoppity, whichever you feel comfortable with, but praise is expected. Now, here’s the question, when do you use sit and how does it help with manners?

I believe sit is best used as an introduction to wait. See sit can be used to command the dog to focus from this position. It’s a command that precedes another and therefore can be used to get the dog to do something else. As a novice the fact that your dog does what you ask is always impressive to your friends. The key about sit is it is boring in itself and after many conversations with dogs, I’ve been informed it’s similar to telling a child to sit still, your only good for a minute or two. So best to master it and make a game of it.

The best games of how to teach a dog to sit are the randomness of the game and the quickness from start to finish. Make your dog sit at the door, in the kitchen, in its crate, on a mat, on a bed, near a cat, under a table, it’s fun and entertaining and your pet will enjoy the fun of it. So that you don’t go broke buying treats, use the motion with out treats and offer excessive praise and petting when the dog executes the command perfectly! The command is an accomplishment because we are not only teaching the command itself, but we are teaching our pet the process of learning! Once our bully understands the process of learning, teaching becomes a lot easier!

As far as guests go, once your dog knows what happens when it sits it will most likely sit in front of all your guests expecting praise, or more honestly food! Redirect the dog to you or a spot and give the command again, soon your pet will master the art of sit and we can move on to the next command that will quickly make your Bully the pet you and your family have always dreamed of! Since a one trick pony isn’t exactly groundbreaking we are going to have to move on to the next command rather quickly!

Remember patience is the key to getting your pup to it’s BullyMax-imum when you learn how to teach a dog to sit!

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