Stop Dog Chewing – A How To Guide

Stop Dog Chewing

stop puppy chewingGetting a new puppy is exciting! Your recent addition will bring a lot of love and energy to your household.  However, some typical puppy behaviors aren’t so enjoyable, like excessive chewing.  All that gnawing can be a nuisance, but there are some things you can do to help minimize the annoyance of your dog’s bad habit.  Here are nine tips to stop dog chewing:

1. Eliminate temptation to stop your puppy from Chewing

Is your puppy chewing on everything in sight?  An easy fix is to simply keep items off the floor and away from your dog.  It may be a little less convenient to have to hide away things like shoes and children’s toys but at least you won’t end up with a half-eaten pair of slippers or a photo album coated in dog slobber.  Puppies tend to think the world is their chew toy, but out of sight means out of mind!

2. Keep cords covered

Invest in some type of cord covers for your electronics and appliances.  At the very least, find a way to keep those cords taped on higher shelves or inside cabinets.  Chewing on cords is dangerous for your puppy due to the electrical current.  Plus, it could cause devices to short circuit and catch fire.  Safety is important for every member of the family, including our furry friends!

3. Give something they are allowed to chew on!

One great way to stop dog chewing is by directing their need to chew to something they are allow. If you’re going to make your stuff off-limits, you’re going to need to give your dog some alternatives.  There are some great bones and other long-lasting treats on the market that will provide ample oral stimulation.  Check with your veterinarian to see which ones are suitable for your dog’s particular breed.  Chew toys are another great way to satisfy your puppy’s urge to chomp.  Squeaky bears and tug-of-war ropes are excellent choices to keep Fido’s mouth busy! One of the toys that pit bull breeders recommend are the black Kong brand chew toys. They are very durable and can last months. It’s important to purchase the black colored Kongs. They will last much longer than the red color Kong toys. Your average tennis ball usually only last a few hours, so this is a great $10.00 investment.

4. Express your displeasure at the behavior.

There are some items in your home that are impossible to keep away from your dog.  If you catch your puppy gnawing on something like a chair leg or the fringe of your favorite rug, immediately let him or her know that this action is unacceptable.  Tell your dog “no” in a firm voice and clap your hands loudly.  Then redirect his or her attention to more appropriate objects to chomp on, such as those aforementioned bones or chew toys.  It may take some time and patience, but puppies generally learn what’s expected of them before long to stop dog chewing.

5. Wear off that pent up energy!

Sometimes a good way to stop dog chewing, when a puppy is misbehaving, it is doing so to release energy. This can include chewing on furniture, shoes, walls, or whatever else your puppy can get a hold of. A great way to avoid unwanted chewing is by making sure they have positive ways to release their energy. If you do it right, they will be tired out enough to the point where they will relax and stay calm without getting into trouble.

Some positive ways to release your pit bull puppie’s pent up energy:

  • Install a spring pole in your yard for your puppy to pull on.
  • Give them a quality chew toy like a Kong to chew on.
  • Have them use exercise using spring pole (popular way to exercise pitbulls).
  • Run them on a treadmill.
  • Take a long walk.
  • Take your dog to park to go swimming!
  • Take your puppy to the dog park to play with other dogs. This is a great way to socialize them as well as to wear off some of that energy.
  • Dog sports like weight pulling, sled racing, and protection work are also fantastic ways for your dogs to release energy in a positive way.

Remember the puppy stage doesn’t last forever.  Most dog owner will tell you that the puppy stage passes fast.  Your dog will likely outgrow the excessiveness of this behavior.  He or she may still chew from time to time, but it won’t be the same extreme amount.  (If this habit lingers too much, you may want to check with your vet to see if there’s an underlying problem.)  Hang in there!  Try to focus on the fun parts of caring for your family’s new addition.  A puppy is full grown before you know it!

Taking care of a puppy can be a lot of work.  Excessive chewing is a normal (and annoying) puppy behavior, but there are ways of dealing with this issue.  By using the tips outlined here, you can stop dog chewing and make raising your dog a more pleasant experience!

stop dog chewing6. Try bitter apple spray.

If you dog is fixated (Obsessed) with one certain object, such as a piece of furniture or baseboard, you can also try bitter apple spray. Bitter apple spray deters dogs from chewing on certain objects and is not harmful to the dog.

7. Train them to stop chewing on command.

Training your dog to stop chewing on command is one way to let them know that their chewing is not allowed. When you catch your dog in the act of chewing, you can correct them by giving them a firm “No Chewing” command. When they stop, you can then give them a toy that they are allowed to chew.  When they begin to chew on their toy, praise them with a reward for chewing on the object they are allowed to chew on.

8. Use a dog kennel when you are not home.

How to avoid this issue all together is by putting your dog in a kennel while you are away. Not only will this protect your belongings from being destroyed, it can also keep your dog protected from chewing on anything harmful.

9. Call a dog trainer

If you tried all of these methods and your dog is still chewing excessively, try calling a dog trainer. An experienced dog trainer will usually have the knowledge to get to the bottom of the problem and solve and help stop dog chewing.

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