Squires Empire Biz Markie

Squires Bullies Home of Extreme Bully Biz Markie

Atomic Dogg Magazine featuring Squirez Bullies Biz markieAnother popular dog in the American Bully Community is a dog by the name of Biz Markie. This beautiful American bully resides in sunny California at the Squirez Bullies Camp.

American Bullies have been around for nearly 25 years now. However, they are becoming more popular than ever. The fascination with this amazing breed can be displayed by the thousands at ABKC events around the world.

The ABKC also known as the American Bully Kennel Club is responsible for creating these events, as well as registering these dogs. While these dogs originated from American Pit Bull Terriers, there has been much controversy of their true ancestors. Regardless, the demand for these dogs has not changed.

American Bullies are a world wide phenomenon and the more extreme they look, the bigger the demand. Breeders that thrive for this exotic and extreme look stand out in a crowd of dogs that already stands out in a crowd so to speak.

While the ABKC champion show dogs have a cleaner and less extreme look, they also have classes for these types of bullies as well. These classes are known as the extreme class and they are in a league of their own.

One of these extreme bullies that has continued to please bully enthusiast is Biz Markie (Shown on this cover of Atomic Dogg Magazine). Biz is a proven stud dog continues to produce puppies with his signature look.

If you are a fan of this breed and want to learn more about them, a great place to start would be the home of Biz Markie at Squires Bullies. They offer puppies for sale as well offer stud service.