Saint Bernard Dog Breed, Breeeding Tips, and Dog Vitamins

The Saint Bernard has an exceptionally large square frame, with an extensive head. World recordshave been set in the past by the Saint Bernard where onewas recordedto be oversix foot in length and weighing in at a whopping at 310 pounds. This is nearly 3 entire adult female human beings. This high weight is rather unusual forthe majority of the breed, and the typical weight of the breed of dogshould be between 140 and 264 pounds with a height averagingtwenty seven inches tothirty five inches.Two hair coat typesare accepted by the American Kennel Club for the Saint Bernard dog breed. Thesecan be either smooth or rough, where the rough is thick but flat with more abundance of fur around the neck and legs. Fur coat color of the Saint Bernard dog breed can come in various shades of red, fawn with white, and occasionally mahogany brindle with white. Black highlighting in their hair coat tends to stay around the face and ears. Eyes should have a slight “haw” shape like the Basset Hound, butshould not be a distracting features from the rest of the Saint Bernard.

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Not everyone can own a St Bernard dog breed. One who is has the means to provide proper diet to ensure proper bone growth, and can sustain a large dog breeds exercise needs will be an ideal candidate. Saint Bernard rescues are overflowing with dogs who had owners who did not fully educate themselves on what it takes to raise a well mannered and healthy Saint Bernard. Be sure to give your growing puppies the right supplements for dogs.

“Saint Bernard Puppy”

This puppy was bred by a dog kennel in Oklahoma. Their website stated that they only do 1-2 breedings per year and claim to be a hobby breeder. Hobby breeders can be found throughout the united states and only produce around 6-12 puppies per year. Otherwise they are considered a breeder and would require a license. Another reason that a person would require a breeder’s license is if the sole purpose for them breeding the dog is to make a profit. This usually is determined by the price of the dogs, means of advertising, as well as the generally housing they provide for their dogs. For instance, a house dog would not be considered a breeding dog when compared to a dog that is in a remote kennel out doors.

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