Russian Prison Guard Dogs and the Caucasion Ovcharka

Russian Prison Guard Dogs such as the Caucasion Ovcharka are used for every day security in some of the toughest prisons in Russia.

Russian Prison Guard Dogs start training as early as 9 weeks of age. This training is commonly known as schutzhund and is a popular dog sport among German Shepherd Owners. The basics of dog training such as socialization with dogs, socialization with people, exposing your puppy to noises that may startle them, and exposing them to darkness are just a few common techniques in properly training a guard dog. These techniques are used because while they may not seem important, these simple things can cause older dogs to have fears and anxiety when they are older. Any type of fear shown by a guard dog is look downed upon very much so. One of the main traits that these dogs need to have is to be complete fearless. This includes loud noises, by struck by the attacker, being yelled at by the attacker, or anything else that may deter the guard dog from preforming his duty.


Caucasion Ovcharka dogs have a stable temperament that allows them to know the difference between actual threats and guards. This is an extremely important trait to have since these dogs would be of no use if they were not able to detect actual threat and have a potential to attack workers or guards in these prisons.

Caucasion Ovcharka Russian Prison Guard dogs are considered one of the top guard dogs due to the fact that they are highly trainable, extremely powerful, and have the willingness to please by being trained as protection dogs to defend their trainer.

Caucasian Ovcharka Russian Prison Guard dogs

Caucasian Ovcharka prison dog with it’s handler.

It’s not true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. However, the training that Russian Prison guard dogs go through is more than just a trick. Sure, it may look like it learned a trick when it attacks a prisoner on command. However, these dogs have went through hundreds of hours of training and were raised as puppies to preform a particular task. This isn’t something that you can teach a dog over night. It’s also something that an average dog owner can teach their dog. Attack training should only be done by the top professionals with years of experience.