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When most people think of rottweilers, they think of a strong, muscle-bound, vicious and dangerous dog.  This doesn’t have to be true.  A rottweiler is strong and muscular but isn’t necessarily vicious or dangerous.  This depends on the upbringing, breeding and treatment of the animal.  A rottweiler can be a loving pet just like a Golden Retriever is or even a poodle!  Many folks are really afraid of how strong the animal is.  This is true. A rottweiler’s strength may not be handled well with some owners and that’s what’s important to find out before becoming an owner.

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You wouldn’t want your 90-year old grandma to own a rottweiler.  This is for the simple reason that the dog may not know his own strength.  He will love your grandma, but if he simply leans against her affectionately, he could knock her over!  So, a strong dog needs a strong owner who can handle him and not let his strength get the best of him.

Many people may not believe this, but when the AKC Standard talks about the rottweiler, they tell people that he is confident, calm, courageous, aloof, self-assured as well as being serious and sensible.  They are not the kind of dogs that will run up to people right away to make instant friends.  They will respond more slowly and quietly to determine what he sees in a new environment with new people.  However, there are still many exceptions to that rule with some rottweilers considered to be clownish and actually very happy-go-lucky!

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Anyone who is thinking about becoming a rottweiler owner should consider some additional factors.  Since this is a quite muscular and strong dog, he will need lots of exercise.  That means he needs to have lots of space.  A brisk daily walk is a must, chances for him to run far and be able to stretch that body is very necessary, and romping sessions with his capable owner should also be a part of his routine.  It’s also important to get the rottweiler some agility training, advanced obedience, the simple game of ball retrieval, and even protection training.  The owner and the rottweiler will appreciate all of these things.

Dog Muscle Supplements such as bully max are excellent for growing rottweilers as well as adults. It will provide them with the nutrients they need to reach their full potential. Continue to part two of the article here