Rottweiler Breeder and Studs – The best Rottie breeders in the world

The Rottweiler pictured above is Grand Champion Primo. He is proudly sponsored by Bully Max Supplements. Primo continues to dominate various shows around the world and is considered one of the top Rottweiler Stud Dogs in the nation.


The Rottweiler pictured above is Grand Champion Primo. He is proudly sponsored by Bully Max Supplements. Primo continues to dominate various shows around the world and is considered one of the top Rottweiler Stud Dogs in the nation.

The Rottweiler has got its name recorded in the list of the oldest breeds of brave and sturdy dogs of the past. The German birth of this breed, will take you back to the epoch when he was both a protector and drove dog. It got its name as Rottweiler as it was first domesticated in the town of Rottweil. For more than hundreds of years now, these dogs, whose vigor and potency make them the best for vocation, have been extensively used by the police force and rescue service team. (Pictured above is grand champion rottie “Primo”, sponsored by Bully Max Dog Supplements)

Sturdy, dominant and valiant, the Rottweiler is an impressive presence and is alleged to be a descendent of the dogs of primeval Rome. Behind the Rottweiler’s imposing physique you will find a smart, relaxed and to some extent reticent dog with a sound intuition to save it’s loved ones from harm. It’s no doubt that this is a dog blessed with inherent strength. With early socialization and training with people, children and pets; this breed can become the best and all time fulfilling pets.

Rottweiler Breeders

Owning a dog as great as a Rottweiler is no big deal. The real task is to own a breed that is pure in its pedigree and has definite papers for its ownership. Getting a dog with the puppy characters that suit you and the one that has a record of its parents and grandparents is often a difficult task. But if you are sure that the breeders have a good reputation and have produced pure breeds, then there is no need for any worry.

Most often, the breeder selection becomes a tedious and confusing task owing to the fact that all breeders claim to be the best. You will seldom be available to make a proper c

This article is exclusively meant for owners in the above dilemma. This may not clearly lead you to a choice of the breeder, but will definitely give you a handful of options for the breeder selection.

List of Rottie Breeders

The breeders listed below are reliable and produce pure bloodlines that can purchase with closed eyelids. The list starts with the best among them.

Vom Kieser Wappen Breeders

This breeder values the working ability of the dog and hence has placed much of their concentration on producing pure genetics. You will realize that they are the best because they raise only the Rottweilers puppies that have been assessed by the OFA, OVC, Penn Hip or their counterparts. These help them in having a good hip configuration and give the written puppy guarantee during the purchase. They also provide lifetime breeder support.

Vom Chandlerhaus Rottweiler Breeders

These breeders of the “German Rottweiler” utilize only the Elite ADRK Bloodlines that Germany uses to enable the production of ‘top quality German Rottweilers ‘. They are known for their puppies which come with strong head type, correct formation, excellent personality, workaholic nature and genetically sound. The institution of our kennel was established with many of the all time greatest A.D.R.K. German originated Rottweilers that came from Germany. All these years these Rottweilers have made their marks on the Rottweiler breed and are still leaving their signature on the Rottweiler breed even at present.

Von Legendehaus Rottweiler Breeders

They are the code of ethics Rottweiler breeders. All the puppies of this breeder are recognized by the OFA and the FCI. The only exception is that this breeder docks the tail of its puppies. They put for sale Rottweiler puppies, youths and adults as well. They are very well known in this domain of Rottweiler breeding as they have been serving for more than two decades now.

Sapphire Kennel Breeders

This group of breeders believes that the ancestors have an inevitable effect on the type and adherence to standard of Rottweilers. For the same reason the Sire of their Dams are selected with immense care paying precise attention to the globally recognized ‘JENECKS’ descent. This genomic lineage lends itself to produce Rottweilers of outstanding eminence and temperament with a strong innate capability to master complicated commands as it is vital for Schutzhund trained Rottweilers. Thus they have been producing litters with very high expectations for the breed for over a decade now.

Vom Bullenfeld Rottweiler Breeders

This breeder is one among the few ethical Rottweiler breeders and association members of the American Kennel Club (AKC), Fedration Cynologique Internationale (FCI), and Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub (ADRK). These are societies founded to sustain the fair breeding traditions of genuine German Rottweilers, and more precisely, to uphold the German Rottweiler class emblem. Vom Bullenfeld German Rottweilers are the successful breeders of the United States and Europe. They take elite care in Rottweiler coaching and hence send them to Europe often, to finish their Schutzhund training. The Vom Bullenfeld Rottweilers are different from other breeders in regard to their breeding program. Their breeding program takes into account almost 30 years of research and development in both Europe and the USA.

Hardrada Rottweiler Breeders

Their tagline says it all, ‘the name of champion Rottweilers’. This breeder company is owned by Ian and Sue. The owner Ian is no common person. He has been as a judge to the Rottweiler championship shows and owns Rottweilers who have won the championship in six different countries. So the dogs under his surveillance will surely be ‘out of the box’ types. With his expertise in this field, he will recognize a genuine Rottweiler at the first look itself.

Hausderberg Rottweiler Breeders

You can guess how a Rottweiler brought up in the Hausderberg breeding firms seeing the vast area of the kennel. The Hausderberg kennels extend up to 480 acres in the foothills of Kentucky. Hausderberg is very well known for its widely renowned genomics which reflect proven quality and more importantly the capability to bring down that specific quality among all its offsprings. With much research and breeding, they have developed a mother line with all the necessary features of the Rottweiler. They have been using this Rottweiler line to produce better ones in the next generations.

Von Der Brunhilde Rottweiler Breeders

This breeding firm may seem small, but the Rottweilers they produce are the best in quality. They breed selected well qualified studs and females to produce pure bred puppies. But they mainly concentrate on female breeding as it the basis for a breeding company. They also provide well trained dogs that can be shown for contests like conformation, Schutzhund, droving, weight pulling and compliance contests. This firm is against mass production of puppies and believes that the lesser the dogs they have, more attention and time can be given upon a single dog.

Vom Carnivous Kennel Breeders

This is the pioneer breeding company in India. The credit of introducing Rottweiler in India goes to VCK breeders. They have been in business for around 20 years and started the breeding with an Australian imported Rottweiler. Henceforth they have been doing well and producing many high quality Rottweilers over the decade.Being vigorous, durable, tranquil and serene along with a strong temperament, Rottweiler is always the king of all the guard dog breeds. His is dedicated and very fond of his owner. He has to be cautiously and caringly trained from a very early stage in life to obtain flawless conformity. But obtaining a pure bloodline from a reliable breeder is very essential. A double check on the breeder’s quality and reputation will hand you an original Rottweiler.