Responsible dog ownership – The path of the past

Responsible dog ownership

Too often I hear individuals speak about where they are from, what they’ve accomplished or how long they’ve been around. All statements that mean little if you left not even a vapor trail of your existence while you were relevant. Relevance is found in what you are doing currently. In dogs and responsible dog ownership, this relevance is achieved by what positive strides and accomplishments we achieve within our bully breeds of choice.

You see where you’re from has no effect on where you are, unless you draw from that place to build and preserve a new spot where you stand today. The relevance of where you are from should be motivation for the next man, the next generation to surpass where you made it. Motivation to strive to accomplish at the minimum the same or to go further than the man before them.

If your family is from a poverty stricken, crime ridden environment and you make it out to raise your family in the suburbs, it is not time to celebrate. The time to celebrate is when as a grandparent you see that your seed does the same and does not take their kids back to the place in which you came, but strive to accomplish more and go further for the next generation.

Responsible dog ownership
Responsible dog ownership is more than just saying you care. It involves, not only taking care of your K9 but may even require you stand up for their breed.

In dogs this is found not in the litter on the ground and the homes in which you place them. It is found in the knowledge you bestow onto these new buyers and how they breed and where they place their future litters. This is what separates the great breeders and responsible dog ownership, from the puppy mills, a sense of pride in the dogs they have produced that transcends generations of dogs.

The fact that you’ve been doing something for 20 years, means nothing if you’ve not left it better than when you arrived. Perfect attendance means nothing if you don’t do the school work. There’s no credit for being there, the credit is in the results and the accomplishments. The history is made between the margins, the scribbles are lost on the back pages of the biographies.

The fact that you witnessed corruption will not be remembered if you did nothing to stop the manipulation. The fact that you were there, but did nothing makes you at best a story teller, but never the author that championed history. I challenge my fellow dog lovers to fix the status quo, to destroy stereotypes and to be phenomenal bully owners that pave a wave for future breed owners in the future. Many bully breeds are at war with stereotypes that result in the euthanizing of thousands of the breeds purebreds and mixes! We have to fight now, not tomorrow for responsible dog ownership!

The value of responsible dog ownership

The value of your person should not be found in your mistakes, but in your accomplishments. If your resume only states that you are from a rough area, been incarcerated, or been shot or stabbed multiple times, you have only a weak resume at best and an irrelevant one in most cases. To be identified by the mistakes in ones life, is a sad reality that can only be altered by the successes that resulted from the lessons learned from those mistakes.

Too often I hear individuals basing their entire existence and purpose based on the fact that they’ve failed in the eyes of society. I challenge those individuals to use those mistakes as stepping stones to continue across the river which is life. Make your life about the successes and not the failures! This is a piece of advice that if used in everyday life will carry over to ones relationship with their dogs and responsible dog ownership!

The dog world is full of these type individuals. It is time to stop quoting the past, blaming the past conspirators, rehashing the good ole days, all that does is distract from the now and pushes the future further from the breeds grasp.

I agree that one must know where they are from to know where they are going, but the shortest route can be arrived at sooner if you run towards it, rather than back pedaling the entire way to the destination of change. The path is yours, the transportation used is your choice, and the result of that first step is usually unknown, but the truth is that first step forward will always take you away from where you were at!

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