Razors Edge Pitbull Dogs and American Bullies

The Razors Edge Pitbull is a breed of dog that is commonly registered with the ABKC. Which is known as the American Bully Kennel Club.

Pictured above is an American Bully. A close relative to the Razors Edge Pitbull. These dogs have gained a great deal of publicity in recent years. The American Bullies are bred to have the look of a ripped athlete. Their temperament is non aggressive and family oriented while keeping natural watch dog instincts intact.

The American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) was founded in 2004 to give recognition to the American bully, a breed of pitbulls that came into being in the 1990s. This was a breed of dogs that had been bred separately by experienced breeders. The once existing trait of over-aggressiveness was done away with after several experiments in breeding. What finally came to be known as the American Bully was nothing but a beloved four legged companion that not only made for excellent guard dogs, but were great family dogs as well.


Myths of The Razors Edge pitbull

How to Register an ABKC dog

How to Participate in Events

The ABKC Family

Busting myths about the Razors Edge Pitbull
In fact their specialty has been their demeanor around children. They have been so good with children that they are known as a “nanny’s dog” in some parts of America. Though the breeders and the initial few owners did their best to show what a loyal and faithful companion the American Bully breed was, some misconceptions did prevail about this dog being aggressive and having a bad temperament like that of a game dog such as a colby pitbull.


Pictured above is an ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) razors edge pitbull. This particular Razors Edge Dog is short and compact. The American Bullies vary in size and this would be considered a pocket pit.

To dispel this notion, a bunch of owners came together to project a positive image for the American Bully. Slowly but surely this club became a popular movement and began serving the purpose of all those people who had canine companions. Today the ABKC is not restricted to the American bully alone but is a multi-breed registry outlet. Each of the special shows and events that are held by this club, not only projects the positive nature of the American bullies, but goes that extra mile to show dog lovers how to promote their breeds in a positive manner. Return to top

The ABKC is considered to be the official registry platform for the registration process of a dog belonging to a bully breed. If you are a proud owner of an American Bully, you can go ahead and register with the ABKC. You can register both a single dog and a litter of puppies with full details of the sire and the dam. On the web site of the ABKC you will find the respective forms for single registration and litter registration.

How to register your Razors Edge Pitbull with ABKC
Once you have downloaded the application forms from the web site of ABKC, take enough time to fill them out. Make sure you fill out every section in the application form. If you leave out anything it will either delay or process or the registration may even be denied. You will also need the supporting documents along with your application form. The details of these documents are mentioned clearly on the web site. Some of these include the registration documents of at least three generations of pedigree from a recognized kennel club. Return to top

Once you have filled out all the application forms carefully, you have to make the payment of the registration fee. The per dog registration fee on ABKC is $20. There are various ways of making the payment. You may send cashier checks, money orders or personal checks to make the payment. Once you have made up your mind about how you want to make the payment, you can put the application forms, the supporting documents that have been asked for and the payment in an envelope and mail to the address that has been clearly specified on the web site.

If your razors edge pitbull is already registered with the ADBA, it may need an inspection before it is registered with the ABKC. However you need not worry about this. The ABKC will notify you with an email or a phone call and take the necessary steps for verification. The registration of your beloved American Bullyis an important process. Once your dog has been registered with ABKC, you have the right to showcase the skills of your dog at the special events organized by the club. Not only does it give you immense satisfaction as an owner to showcase the skill set of your dog, it has a great impact on the confidence level of your dog as well.

ABKC Grand Champion Dirty Money (One of only a few American Bully Kennel Club GR CH’s)

Participation process in an ABKC event
If you are interested in registering at a particular dog show or any such event, make sure you go through the web site to check out whether your dog is eligible to participate in the event. The ABKC demands that the dog that is participating in an event is adequately trained and has a stable and controlled temperament. At no cost should the dog be a threat to the others present at the event or should not be a hindrance for the judges of the event. The host of the show also has the right to refuse entry if he finds that any of the participating dogs are over aggressive. Return to top

Once you are completely sure of the ground rules you can attend such an event yourself, to familiarize yourself about the process. The best way to get yourself familiar with the show registration process is to get to a representative of a kennel to help you out. He will give you all the necessary paperwork. These are basically a bunch of forms that you need to fill out.

You will also need the registration certificate and some supporting documents to attach with these forms. Apart from the registration fee that you will have to pay for entering a show, there might be an extra convenience charge. This money is usually taken to pay for the services of the representatives who are present at such shows. You must remember to ask for a receipt for whatever payments you are making. The receipt should bear both the names of the owner and the dog, for it to be valid.

The ever growing American Bully Kennel Club family
The benefit of the being a member of the ABKC is humongous. Not only do you and your dog bond better over a plethora of events, it is a treasure trove of good experiences for any pet owner. You come across so many like minded people with whom you can exchange information and better your own experiences with your dog. There have been numerous occasions when co-participants in an ABKC event have ended up as friends for life. Return to top

With the omnipresence of the internet, the ABKC family is growing larger by the day. There are numerous social media groups, chat forums and other platforms where bully owners and other members of ABKC can get together virtually and share their thoughts. Numerous ideas that have come out from these discussions have been turned into reality in recent times and promises only to get better. The best thing about these events organized by ABKC is that they are not restricted only to bully owners. It is a jamboree for all dog lovers who are as dedicated to their pets as their pets are to them.

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