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Razors Edge Pit Bull

Razors Edge Pit Bull


The Razors Edge pit bull bloodline was created in MD and in Washington DC by Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale. They started out with game dogs. They started by researching information on American Pit Bull Terriers in order to start the line “Razor edge bloodline”. They subscribed to many dog magazines like the ADBA Gazette, even some underground ones that were not as popular. They contacted many breedings to find out information about the breed and how to start a bloodline, If it said Pit Bull, they were researching about it. At the time they owned a few Back Yard Bred non-papered American pitbulls. They even had there own Pit club & went hiking and camping in the woods. Eventually they got enough money together to get some decent papered, decent bloodline, game bred dogs. They purchased some of the best game bred dogs that were available at the time. They even paid $3500 way back then for a Grandson of the great “Plumbers Alligator”, mainly Mayfield lines. Dave and Carlos were very heavy into the game lines and had dogs from Hemphill to Wilder blood. These were big game dogs and very well known. You could say they were the Remy Martin’s and Juan Gotty’s of the game dogs.

Later on they got in contact with George Williams in Washington DC. They purchased a dog they named Diablo, from Wildside Kennels. Diablo’s sire was a bigger catch dog, by the name of “Hollinsworth Bull”. His dam was a game girl names “Wildsides Ms.Leaky”. This was the turn around time when Razors Edge started adding more size, bone, and structure to their program. The first ever registered “ADBA” Razors Edge breeding was from his Mayfield sire Zeus to a Mayfield bitch name Jinx. Jinx was actually given to friend back then named Curt Plater, now goes by CLP Kennels. Curt owned the first ever Razors Edge Registered dog. They would lose contact with him after this for many years before hooking up again. They banned Pits in PG County and Dave was forced to move out of the area. Eventually through Dave’s job in the Pet Store industry he landed a mangers job at a Pet Store in Virginia. He had to move to Virginia and still resides there as Razors Edge Kennel.