Puppy house training, It Is You Versus The Urine

Puppy house training

So you’ve chosen a new pup! You’ve chosen from a fine breeder that only breeds the best! The puppy is perfect and you’ve given it the perfect name! It’s the Bully breed you’ve always wanted and were finally able to possess due to having a great stable job! You have the white picket fence surrounding your lush Bermuda grass lawn and the amazing five bedroom, four and a half bath home of your dreams to go with it.

The only thing left to complete your family is the four legged bundle of bully beauty that you’ve always wanted! There’s only one problem….. You’ve never potty trained a dog, and the concept although simple enough in theory can prove to be the most epic of canine and owner battles.

Now there are several ways to perform puppy house training and countless books that showcase the art. The truth is every puppy is different, and some ways work with some and others with others.

puppy house training
Puppy house training can be quite a chore if you don’t know what you are doing. Learning the proper way to train your new puppy can save a lot of grief for you and your k9.

You have the most brutal ways involving shoving nine week old puppies face in it (it being the urination or defecation spot), to the more gentle ways of silently saying no and just cleaning up the mess. We won’t discuss all the ways of housebreaking, but we will break down some of the more successful ways that have worked for us and the attributes needed to achieve a urine free home.

The first tool you need is patience for puppy house training. Patience is inexpensive, we would say it’s free, but in regards to potty training bully puppies it may cost you your mind. The key is to understand that your puppy will make mistakes, in fact to be successful, you will need him to make mistakes.

The other part of patience is the gratifying light switch that goes on when you see that your bully finally gets it! Without patience the end result is not as rewarding as you will face, and have to deal with guilt for almost killing your best friend to obtain the wanted response. This is never good and does little to build the trust between you and your bully.

The next tool you will need is consistency for puppy house training! Be consistent! The number one thing that new puppy owners do in regards to setting back potty training is not being consistent! If you have a designated potty spot, make sure your puppy always uses that designated spot.

Never give in or give up on that spot and let the pup decide. Because it will go quickly from the bully deciding to go on your favorite flower bed to going on their favorite bed (most likely yours). You need a potty command, trust me on cold, or rainy days, this command will be your favorite command of all time!

It can be “Go potty”, or “Go poo poo”, or any other bathroom indicator sign you can think of. When your bully does the doo, or the whoo, make sure to say good potty to make sure they know you are happy about them using the restroom outside your home.

pitbull puppies
A bully pup bred by Kinneman Kennels in Pittsburgh, PA.

Physical tools we suggest for potty training and puppy house training are crates, training pads, or newspapers, and or cedar or pine chips. The invention of the crate, or crate training has made the process of puppy house training easier, but housebreaking can still be a chore. The benefit of the crate is that it keeps your puppy in one area, if your pup is a relatively clean pup, it will not like to lay where it goes.

This is why crate training is generally effective. However, owners mess up by purchasing a crate that is too large, where the pup can defecate on one side and lay on another. This will set back crate training and makes house training hard as well. Here is a bright spot in accidents however, earlier we said that you would need training pads, newspaper, cedar chips, and here is why.

If your pup does have an accident in it’s crate take the soiled newspaper, pad, or cedar, and place it outside at your designated area. Take your pup to this area and give your command. The scent should cause your pup to want to use the bathroom in the area.

Often times individuals don’t know how to discipline their puppy when it does have an accident in the crate, or in the home. The key is to want to catch the deed as it is happening, this will be the most opportune time to discipline and will be the most effective for puppy house training. I like to encourage a sharp no and immediately picking the pup up and taking it to the designated spot. The yell generally does enough, the old school ways of nose on the spot, or a quick swat although effective with some dogs can lead to confusion in training. Spray bottles can aid the individual puppy that needs a physical correction for the accident.

The key again is to catch the puppy in the act and follow through. After the puppy goes in the house and goes back outside, there is a procedure to follow. If the pup goes outside, as far as potty, then allow it back in the house. The puppy should only be allowed in the house where it can be directly seen by you. Some like to attach a leash while indoors to keep their pup in close proximity to them and in range of an instant correction in the event of an accident.

If your pup did not use the restroom when you put it back outside, then return it to it’s crate for ten to fifteen minutes. After the designated time take your pup back outside. If it uses the restroom, then allow it back in the house and back under your puppy house training eagle eye.

The process of puppy house training can last a week, or months, but always remember to be patient and consistent with your bully. Even the most stubborn Bully will grasp the concept of house training, but it takes just as stubborn of an owner to get the job done. It is entirely up to you whether or not you will defeat the urine, or the urine will defeat you (and your carpet and furniture.)!

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