Puppy Clicker Training

puppy clicker trainingOne of the most popular forms of obedience training is through puppy clicker training. The training method essentially uses sound reinforcement to immediately identify a wanted action with a given command. Dog training simplified is the basis around clicker training.

The master gives a command and once the command is followed praise is immediate and consistent. Puppy clicker training has long been used in training circus animals as well. Lions, Tigers, and Bears (oh my), have all been trained to perform circus stunts through clicker training!

The two most common ways of training are through positive reinforcement and negative correction. Negative correction is the training methods that require immediate corrections and discipline when a dog does not perform the correct action following a command.

Choke chains, prong collars, and harsh corrections coincide most often from this type of training. Clicker training would be the complete opposite of these training methods.

Trainers would argue that negative consequence training produces focus and more precise training graduates. Proponents against this negative form of training would argue that it is fear based and the dogs trained in these and other methods are fearful and lack the trust seen in positively reinforced trained dogs.

Puppy Clicker Training by Positive Reinforcement

Puppy clicker training is based around positive reinforcement. The dogs perform a command and are immediately praised. This positive reenforcement can be through praise, or through treat training. A lot of individuals think the click itself is the reward and over time this does become the case with most clicker trains canine graduates. The truth is the click identifies a positive action to follow.

The initial purpose of the click is to inform the trainee (dog) that they have performed the correct task. A click can then be used in different parts of more difficult prolonged tasks. As a dog progresses through these activities the click can reinforce that the dog is performing everything correctly.

Puppy clicker trained dogs also become accustomed to the click to focus. It’s based around the concept “look at me” when they hear the audible praise. Clicks are also quick and can be used immediately to gain a dogs attention. The proponents to clicker trained dogs would argue that the training method is merely a modernized version of the Pavlov theory.

A dog hears a bell and knows the bell is followed by being fed and will salivate in anticipation of being fed. They argue that the owners lose control of their pets the moment they forget their clicker in their other car, or at home. The argument is the method is not a true training method. Puppy clicker training is definitely a real training method and it allows even the most novice dog trainer to feel as if they are Ceaser Milan and deserving of a television show on network tv.

The other benefit to clicker training is the cost. Clickers range from ninety-nine cents to two dollars and ninety-nine cents. Being so cost effective leads a lot of new pet owners to gravitate towards the ultimate training tool. Aside from cost, is the readily available information on line on how to train your pet using the clicker, pups can start being trained in the clicker method as early as eight weeks and there truly is no age cap, as far as teaching an old dog the art of the clicker.

Puppy Clicker training classes are also available in almost every city and the rewards found in teaching a disobedient pup the command of sit is often enough to excite any dog owner.

Like any training method the key to puppy clicker training is consistency and dedication. The ability to set aside time to perform the training is essential and the best part of training in the clicker method is that it does not take an hour a day. Multiple, short training periods work best. Incorporating the training into everyday activities work best.

Use the clicker around the house to reenforce, sit, stay, and wait. The instant attention grabber speeds up house manners and allows the owner to train without training! The accomplishments possible through clicker training are endless and if you as the owner believe in the methods it will be rewarding for you and your pet! If you have an unruly pup, or adult dog, puppy clicker training may arrive to your household just in “the click of time”!

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