Premium dog food

Premium Dog Food

If you have a dog then you must feed it regularly to keep it healthy and fit and a good pet. Some people believe in feeding the dogs what they themselves eat, but that is not a very good idea. Dogs are different from humans and they require different forms of nutrition and sustenance. While meat and bones are any dogs delight feeding them carrion or waste meat will result in the increase if the chances of their falling ill or looking sick. A dog must therefore be treated with caution and compassion as far as its food is concerned. There are several varieties of commercial premium dog food designed by nutritionists and veterinary doctors that cater to your dog’s nutritional needs and keep it fit healthy and happy. Premium dog food can come in dry or wet varieties.

Dry premium dog food is known in the USA as kibble. It is a generic nickname for the dog food that comes in plastic pouches and is available at any major supermarket or convenience stores in an astonishing amount of variety. The key to knowing what is good for your dog is to work out what sort of activities the dog is expected to perform. If your dog is a house pet that follows on heels around the house all day its diet should be more in vitamins and minerals and lots of waters rather than protein and carbohydrates which will only make the dog fat since it is not getting any exercise. A premium dog food of the cry variety will contain 6 to 10% of water. Premium dog food, dry is preferred by most pet owners because it is easy to transport and store.

Wet dog food is that which comes in cans and not pouches. Premium dog food of this variety contains a higher percentage of proteins and carbohydrates s you should feed your dog wet dog food only if it is getting regular and vigorous exercise. Wet premium dog food will not include meat but it will include substances like grain gluten or protein gels that look like meat and are tasty and attractive to the dog. While a large amount of water must be given to the dog if it is on a dry food diet, wet dog food takes care of the moisture requirement of the dog quite adequately.

Alternative dog food is a recently emerging type in the market and it is under a lot of debate by medical professionals and societies for ethical treatment for animals. Some people believe that raw food is the best diet for the dog and the premium dog food according to them is the natural diet of the dog. Meat, bones and other natural things are fed to the dogs in this treatment. While it is efficient and natural it also has an increasing risk of infection by food borne disease. It is better to purchase premium dog food of the natural kind from the commercial pet stores rather than the grocer since grocery meat is meant to be cooked and thus contains a greater amount of bacteria and other microbes.