Positive Pitbull Press ! A hero in Oklahoma

Positive Pitbull Press
With proper socialization, pitbulls are a fantastic family dog and are excellent around children.

Positive Pitbull Press. Intruders Beware – A Pit Bull Might Live There!

The media never seems to miss a pit bull attack, and positive pitbull press seems to be harder and harder to come by.  Often these reports describe a pet-gone-wrong and too often, a pet that has been poorly trained or even mistreated.  Yet pit bulls have an army’s worth of fans and legions who attest to their desirability as a pet and as a canine with extra-special qualities.

A recent story in the news centered on an Oklahoma American pit bull terrier that has been deemed a hero.  More often than dog attacks make the news, home invasions make headlines, and often tragic headlines—throughout the nation.  The real threat of burglaries and home invasions forces many people to live in fear.  Families that have already experienced the reality of a forced invasion know the full weight of that fear.

Recently an Oklahoma mother was at home with her infant when she went to answer her door for what appeared to be a routine UPS delivery.  Unfortunately, it was a criminal in a convincing disguise that prompted this woman to open her door to an attack.  Instead of a package, she and her baby were sprayed with pepper spray by an attacker.

In the real world where no Superman comes out of nowhere to rescue the vulnerable and no friendly neighborhood Spiderman has a ready web for such loathsome creatures that attack women and children, there are pit bulls who don’t even need to don a cape to go into action.  This woman was fortunate to own a dog, a pit bull, that raced to her and her baby’s rescue.

According to the Oklahoma City news network KOCO, Louis the “pit bull”, heard the screams of his owner and took off running toward her attacker who didn’t apparently have the nerve to face off with a protective pet with determined teeth!  While the dog chased off the intruder, it did not, unfortunately, perhaps, shred his ankles to prevent him from getting away.  The home invader is on the loose, but he was prevented from further injuring the mother and child.

Neighbors also heard the woman’s cries and called the police who arrived shortly thereafter.  In most cases, people can depend on their neighbors to call the police as they should—such actions ultimately make for safer neighborhoods.  However, it wasn’t a neighbor that chased the intruder out of the house with barred teeth.  It was Louie.

Louie illustrates why so many people—even people with young children—want to own and nurture a pit bull.  They feel safer with these dogs at home and, as this case demonstrates, that protection they feel isn’t all in their heads.  Pit bulls make extraordinary guard dogs.  Their loyalty is coupled with an ability to deter intruders.

Readers will be happy to know that though the mother and her infant son were taken to a hospital to be checked out and receive care for the pepper spray that was sprayed in their faces, they are physically alright.  Who knows how this woman will feel when her doorbell rings in the future.  Will she ever forget?  It’s probably an incident she’ll always remember.  Though they were saved from harm by their dog, the happy ending is tempered knowing that such criminals remain on the loose and not every homeowner has a loyal pit bull at the ready to guard them against intruders.

Of course, there are pit bulls in need of good homes.  Every dog comes with responsibilities.  Yet pit bulls can reward their owners for their good care as one did in this case—by protecting his family from a dangerous intruder bent on harm, bent to do who knows what!


By J. A. Young

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