Pitbull Shedding. Why And What You Can Do

Do Pitbulls Shed And the Truth About Pitbull Shedding

It’s Monday and you have an interview with a Fortune 500 company at 10 am. You quickly shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair and pull your freshly dry cleaned, three piece,navy button suit out of the garment bag. It’s a huge opportunity for you and your family and you’ve gone over the best interview answers over the past few days for the potential career change.


You don the suit, grab your resume and head for the door just as your large blue and white American Bully rushes pass you. You narrowly avoid being tumbled and dodge the monster and rush out to your car. You have just enough time to make it to your interview if traffic isn’t too heavy!

You pull off and are about five miles down the road when you notice the large amount of white fur that is covering your pants leg and suit jacket! You grab the lint brush in your glove compartment, but the fur is stubborn and the sticky brush helps, but doesn’t eliminate the fur completely from your formerly pristine suit! The life of a bully owner, and part of the hell in being one with pitbull shedding.

pitbull shedding
Pitbull shedding can be very real for their owner who is constantly trying to battle hair on their clothes and all over their home.

This type of situation with pitbull shedding is all too common for a lot of bully owners. The love of the breed, but the hate for the shedding of their coat. It’s odd that a short coated breed could actually shed as much as some do. In the case of most bully breeds the shedding is at least confined to being seasonal.

Late fall and early summer are generally the worst months for pitbull shedding and cause the most frustration when it comes to the losing of coat. Blowing coat is common in a majority of breeds and owners can prepare for the shedding in a number of ways, to at least keep the frustration of displaced fur to a minimum.

When Seasons Change

When it comes to pitbull shedding due to season, one of the main things you can do is keep your pet hydrated and on a daily brushing routine. When a dog is constantly dehydrated it may cause him or her to shed excess amounts of fur. So always provide plenty of fresh water for your bully breed. The daily brushing eliminates the excess fur due to shedding into the brush and the designated area you decided on. This will eliminate some of the frustration facing a suffering fur covered bully owner.


Changing of temperature is not the only cause of pitbull shedding however. Another cause to the large abundance of loose, dead fur is a change in diet. Particularly proteins, if your bully has been raised on a chicken based food and you make a switch to a fish, or beef based food, you will notice an excess of blown coat before you notice a more positive change in its coat.

Could It Be The Food?

Often times owners will think that the new food is actually of poor quality and doesn’t sit well with their pet and switch back in a panic. This is a normal reaction, but one that is entirely unnecessary the majority of the time. Let the food run it’s course and the change in coat will follow and the reward should be in a shiny new short coat. A gradual change in food, as opposed to an abrupt switch may actually help lessen some of the shedding, although it won’t eliminate it entirely.

Another cause of pitbull shedding is anxiety, and or stress for your canine. A dog that is suffering from long periods of separation anxiety, confinement, or overall nervousness will also shed more than the average bully. The result will usually be large amounts of fur around its crate.

Even pitbull shedding throughout the coat will not be as visible as truly bad cases where the fur loss is in patches and large globs of fur are being pulled from the bully. This type of shedding is usually very frustrating because an owner will feel virtually helpless.

Pet Medicine

There are pills and medications that can ease the anxiety and stress in the pet. If this doesn’t work some pet owners actually begin pitbull shedding themselves as they pull their own hair out. This type of shedding can be corrected, through training and patience. Once the cause of the anxiety can be found, the sooner corrective measures can be taken to curb some of the issues associated with shedding.

The tools needed to fight shedding start with a short stiff brush. Bully breeds are meant to have short stiff coats, so using the short bristled brushes generally work best. Keep your brushes clean and free of dead hair, this can be accomplished by using a comb to pull dead removed fur from the brush.

Aside from the brush a shed reducing shampoo works great as well to combat shedding. The key is to treat the skin more than the fur. If you can keep the skin oily and moisturized the shedding will be cut by more than half. Dry skin encourages dander and shedding which increases the issue in the article.

We recommend not only shampoo, but conditioner to help keep the skin and coat moisturized on your Bully. Great coat supplements like those provided by BullyMax keep shedding down as well, including these into your pets everyday diet will not only reduce pitbull shedding, but provides that great coat shine that attracted so many to the Bully Breeds and their manageable coats!

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