8 Tips get more followers on your instagram #pitbull account

get more instagram followers
By following these 8 tips, you are guaranteed to get more instagram followers.
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Instagram has become one of the most popular social media outlets over the past few years. It’s has also become the #1 place for pit bull breeders to advertise their kennels, and pit bull enthusiasts to share their photos of their dogs. Here are some basic tips for you to get started, get followed, share your photos with the world.

#1 Connect your facebook account for more followers

follow facebook friends on instagramFacebook recently purchased instagram for 1 billion dollar. The good news about this is, that you can now easily connect your facebook account to instagram to get instant followers.

Steps to follow your facebook friends on instagram: Account Settings > Find People to Follow > Facebook Friends > follow all.

By taking these steps in your instagram account, you are now following all of you facebook friends. By following your friends on Facebook you are more likely to become followed back!

#2 Use #hastags, but don’t over do them.

Get more followers by using popular #pitbull related hashtags

Using relevant hashtags will increase your presence on instagram and allow you to gain more followers. However, you don’t want to over do it. 2 or 3 hashtags is usually good enough. Anything more than that, and it will look like spam and that should be avoided. You also want to use hashtags that are currently trending.

Current most popular hashtags related to Pit Bulls and American Bullies :

  • #DONTBULLYMYBREED (1,147,177 posts)
  • #INSTAPIT (389,301 posts)
  • #AMERICANBULLY (242,082 posts)
  • #INSTAGRAMPITBULLS (203,163 posts)
  • #BULLYLIFE (114,402 posts)
  • #MUSTLOVEBULLIES (49,689 posts)
  • #BULLYORNOT (35,285 posts)

If you are currently on your mobile device, you can simply copy and paste the following hashtags and use them on your instagram account:









#3 Use Photo Filers for better pictures

Using instagram’s photos effects for your pit bull pictures

By using instagram’s photo filters, you can give your pit bull photos a cool, and original look. By taking your dog’s photos at an eye level, you can capture a better picture of your dog.

Some other tips to taking nice photos, is by taking them outdoors at a park, or a location with a nice background.

You want to avoid taking photos indoors, since the lighting and backgrounds are usually not very appealing.

After choosing a photo effect, you can try out instagram’s lux control for an additional effect. The lux feature can be added by clicking the sun icon shown in the photo displayed here. 

#4 It’s all about the right timing

By timing when  you addd photos on your instagram account, you can advertise your dogs at the peak of instagram’s activity level. Let’s say you decided to share an awesome photo on instagram. However, it’s 3:00 AM on a monday. It’s highly unlikely that you will receive many likes or comments on this photo. By sharing your photos at the right time, they will receive more exposure.

The most popular time to share photos on instagram is on Wednesdays at 5-6PM. Other days of the week during these hours would also be a good time to share your photos.

#5 Combine Multiple Images to make cool photos

A simple

A cool way to combine your photos is by using a free app called PicStitch. This program allows you to combine multiple photos, and has a feature to share your photos directly to instagram.

By creating photos with multiple pictures, people are more likely to hit the like button, comment,  and follow your account.

#6 Add Original Content to your posts

Add some original content to you photos for more interaction. By adding content to your photos by adding a story, you are also more likely to get more followers. It’s true that a picture is worth a million words, however people love to read the story behind your photo as well.

#7 Like other people’s photos

Another great way to gain more followers is by liking other people’s photos. After all, you can’t expect everyone to like your photos if you aren’t returning the favor. By liking other photos you can increase your presence on instagram, have your name displayed on more accounts, and ultimately gaining more followers by having your account name recognized more.

#8 Keep track of your progress using the “Followers on Instagram” app

followers on instagram app

By using the Followers on Instagram app, you can see who unfollowed you, who your new followers are, as well as who’s following you back. You can also see if any users blocked you.

By using this app you can only follow the people who are actually following you back. Thus you can stop wasting your time on users that aren’t returning the favor of liking your photos and following you back.

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