Pitbull Discrimination And How To Stop It

The War Against Pitbull Discrimination

There is a war going on and the casualties are reaching epic proportions. The war was started to find and destroy weapons of mass destruction. These weapons endanger the lives of all who may come in contact with them. No one will be safe until these weapons and the people who own them are destroyed.

The terrorism I speak of is not hiding in the deserts of the Middle East or the hills of Afghanistan; in fact the terrorism being written about is right here in backyards throughout the great USA. The problem with this war is no weapons of mass destruction have been found, but thousands of souls have died because of pitbull discrimination and their resemblance to the Media Monster with the locking jaws, and unparalleled strength and courage. Let’s get close and personal with this war and the chosen sides of pitbull discrimination.

The plight and pitbull discrimination that faces this and other Bully breeds is discussed on a regular amongst people who love the breed and know the breed as the great family members they are bred to be. BSL in some form or fashion is on the legislative floor at all times in some government building in the United States at all times.

pitbull discrimination
Pitbull discrimination is a war going on all over the USA. We must learn how to stop this and learn more about the breed and the truths behind this loving K9.

Pitbull discrimination, breed bans, breed restrictions, and ultimately, sadly, breed extermination. Politicians show pictures of the victims of attacks, dogs and children mostly in their mind. They speak loudly of the thugs, hoodlums and felons that own this breed. An extension of their evil ways and unethical lives, why else own a dog that was originally bred to kill. The dogs serve no purpose other than destruction.

No pictures of dogs cuddling with children, children sitting on the dogs large heads, of the tired dad who just worked a 12 hour day and lies on his couch with an 80 pound Pit Bull sleeping on his chest. These pictures must not exist, stories of the dogs playfulness and zest for life seem to be absent from the headlines, after all if these weapons were that easy to find we would not need to look for them right?

The Truth About The Problem

The truth is, the number of Bully breeds in America is astronomical, between the AKC, UKC, ADBA, and ABKC to name four of the largest registries, the American Pit Bull Terrier and other bully breeds are one of the 3 most popular dogs in the USA. Even though one of the most popular breeds in the United States percentage wise, the numbers of actual attacks are few involving the breed than a number of others. The American Pit Bull Terrier actually is one of the highest scoring breeds in temperament testing results, scoring higher than other popular breeds like the Dachshund, Collie, and Cocker Spaniel. Go figure, that none of these are discussed in the discussions of banning a specific breed.

The words “Together we stand, but Divided we fall” are never truer than when we discuss the issue of the American Pit Bull Terrier and pitbull discrimination. Some of the breed’s largest opponents can be found within the breed. The divided lines between registries can be tolerant at best at times. However the arguments and heated discussions take on the tenacity of the breed 10 fold at times.

If we can not believe that we all face the same issues, problems and hurdles, how can we go to war to save our beloved family members? Issues that are limited to how a specific group of dogs look, this seems like a pebble in the Pacific of a problem when considering losing the right to own our breed. The attitude that only people that show or weight pull and health test their dogs are good for the breed, is ridiculous at best. Responsible owners can be found throughout all registries and venues. At the end of the day the saying “They all look the same” is very appropriate when talking about the public and its view of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

How To Stop The Discrimination War

How do we win this war against pitbull discrimination? Hang a yellow ribbon from our car antennae? Write on breed specific message boards? These things are all good, but mostly you need to invite non breed people to Bully events, to BBQ’s, Shows, Weight Pulls and any positive event involving the breed. Treat people who pet your dog as if the only Pit Bull they ever will meet is yours. That means that how your dogs act and behave is what will represent this breed in this persons eyes and thoughts. We win this war by showcasing our dogs at their best at all times, by sticking together and supporting Bully events regardless of registry, bloodline or type.

The old soldiers fighting against this war are growing weary, but a new group of soldiers have taken up arms and are fighting the war  against pitbull discrimination through positive events and positive press. The Perseverance of this breed can not only be found in the great dogs themselves, but also the men, women and children that protect and love them.

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