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The Show – Pit Bulls and Parolees is yet another reality show, which went on air for the first time in the year 2009. It is telecast-ed on the American Animal Planet channel. The show encapsulates the day-to-day workings of the Villalobos center, and starkly portrays the brutalities meted out to the titular heroes of the show, the pit bulls. They are either found neglected, abused or are abandoned, and Tia and her family work towards giving them a second lease of life. They hope to rehabilitate these dogs and provide them with comfortable living conditions. Tia, the anchor of the show, both literally and metaphorically, agreed to do the show in lieu of the money she would receive to run the center. The show also has its own merchandise production and sales in the form of t-shirts and DVDs.

Tia was raised in Southern California and belonged to a dysfunctional family like most American households today. She had a scarred childhood, with a father who had deserted them and an exceptionally loving step-mother who encouraged her to pursue her dreams. It was seen that right from the very beginning, she yearned for a family of her own, and soon became the guardian angel of stray dogs and cats. Soon, she also built the Villalobos Rescue Center, now recognized as the largest rescue facility in the United States. The center takes care of approximately 150 – 200 pit bulls in an area no larger than ten acres. The first animal to inhabit the center was four-year-old Tatanka, a pit bull which formed a loving relationship with her new and more welcoming family.

At Villalobos, the animals are “safe and content”, living the lives they truly deserve after numerous harrowing experiences, much like the plight of Tia herself, or the parolees. The center aims at giving homes to these dogs, after they have been neutered and their temperaments determined. Like Cesar Millan (, Tia hopes to gives these dogs a second chance at living their lives in hospitable environments. Pit bulls are known for their loyalty and devotion to their masters, and these dogs make the fittest companions for man.


“The American Pit Bull Terrier is the product of interbreeding between pit terriers and a breed of bulldogs.” These breed of dogs combine the game instinct of terriers with the physique of the bulldogs. They are the most ‘American’ of dogs, and are used for hunting, driving livestock, and are trusty household pets. They also facilitate as police dogs and therapy dogs, and are known for their aggressive nature. When training police dogs, the proper dog supplements are recommending for building muscle in dogs.