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Pit Bull-Training.

It has been estimated that over 30 stubborn breeds of dogs exist, the world over, and have been identified as ‘stubborn’ – meaning difficult to train. These breeds, like Pit Bull are not suitable for living in kennels and different type of training other than those, given to regular pet-type domestic fun loving dogs has to be given.

Training a stubborn breed dog  like Pit Bull can be a frustrating exercise many times, and require a perseverance of very high order and mental discipline, almost like that of a circus wild animal tamer!

The first perquisite, while training dog, is to possess a no-nonsense firm voice while giving control commands to them, not screaming, nor losing cool. They have an uncanny knack of understanding the moods of the owner and obey when scolded and happy when getting patted for being right. They are programmed for instant reactions and not delayed responses.

Pit Bull dogs are very sensitive about the body language of the owners and hence it is imperative to cultivate a positive, confident body language while dealing with them and this type of making eye contact with them when praising or scolding them will bring the desired results.

The training of Pit Bull should be conducted in such area which is free from any type distractions, as it will be very difficult to make him concentrate on the training then. This restriction will be till he learns the basics.

It is better to get the Pit Bull started on his training as very young puppy of eight weeks old, when he is highly intelligent and eager to learn faster. When his attention wanders, to draw its attention and make it to obey our command with some form of noise made by shaking an empty plastic bottle filled with few small pebbles.

Physical and mental challenges are well liked by Pit Bulls. Their abilities to pull, drag and fetch should be made full use of while imparting training. But the training should be imaginative, varied and innovative, otherwise, they will get bored. Easily attainable tasks are to be given initially with suitable rewards after each successful accomplishment. Training sessions should be quite cheerful and compliments are to be freely given to encourage the fellow.

In matters of animal training, the point to remember is ‘repetition is the key to successes’. Any successful completion of a trick should not only be appreciated but also be mercilessly repeated. Their brains are programmed and repetition brings joy to them.

Pit Bulls though they look scary and well muscled and stocky for their size, are very sociable in nature and quite affection towards all human beings, if properly trained. Their caring and protecting nature is something to be seen to be believed. They can become the perfect housemates and companions and small children’s playmates even.

An athletic dog, by nature, Pit Bull is, and hence requires lot of exercise. If the owner has a big lawn/yard, it can loiter to its heart’s content, and keep on running in circles. If the owner is in an apartment, he should take him for long walks.



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