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These highly intelligent dogs are devoted and brave.  Due to their agility, they are fulfill many needs.  Not only are they great companion dogs due to their great physical and mental characteristics, they have served in search and rescue efforts and as therapy dogs.  Thus, the stereotype that the media has given the pit bull is unfair and untrue and often makes this breed misunderstood.

Obedience classes are recommended for all breeds, especially if the owner has no experience with that particular breed.  When bringing a pit bull into your life, keep in mind that owner responsibility is required so that the dog can enhance the lives of many through their loving nature.  An obedient and well behaved pit bull makes a great companion.  They depend on their owners to teach them good manners.

The ideal owner of a pit bull is an extremely responsible person committed to the care, training and exercise of their dog.  Such an owner should be knowledgeable and willing to learn about the breed.  The ideal owner of a pit bull would never allow their dog to roam the neighborhood, be off leash in a public place.  This owner would make sure their dog remains socialized with all types of people, contain their dog securely when not supervised by an adult, obedience train their dog, and insure that their dog is well exercised every day.  The pit bull is typically very friendly.

One of the famous pit bulls is Petey in the Our Gang, Little Rascals film series and an american poster mascot during WWI.

Due to their adaptability, pit bulls will do well in urban living, provided they have enough exercise or other positive outlets for their energy.  This breed is strong, agile, energetic, and powerful.  Since this is a very active dog, they require substantial exercise every day.

The pit bull is very easy to socialize but, since they tend to be very enthusiastic, they should be taught manners early on.  A trained pit bull is very social loving friends and strangers alike.

Every breed must be supervised at all times when around children.  This breed tends to love all people, especially children.  Since the pit bull is a very energetic and exuberant dog, the owner must be cautious when around young children to avoid any accidental bumping or knocking down.

The pit bull strives to please their owners.  Their training is essential so that they can be well behaved in public situations and around people of all ages.

The pit bull is typically a people loving, intelligent and fun breed.  They excel at obedience training.  Due to their affinity with people, this breed is a good candidate for rescue and adoption, but potential homes need to be carefully screened to insure that the new owners understand and accept the responsibility of owning a pit bull.

Pit Bull

Pit Bull "Game dog"

American Bully Pit Bull

This American bully pit bull is becoming very popular around the world. While it shares roots with the game dog pit bulls, it has a more mellow demeanor. It is much more tolerant of other dogs and would make a great family pet.

Blue Nost Pit Bull Puppy

Blue Nose Pit Bull Puppy

The Blue nose Pit Bull Puppy is much more common than most people think. Blue pitbulls can be found in all shapes and sizes ranging from 35 pounds up to 90 lbs. It will all depend on the bloodline of the dog. Bloodlines such as colby, gator, or ruffian, tend to be smaller and leaner. Where as bloodlines such as razors edge, gottiline, or butthead tend to be thicker and have larger heads. These two comparisons are between game dogs and American bullies.



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