Pitbull Insurance: Is It Worthwhile Insuring Your Dog?

pitbull insurance
People may want pet insurance to protect themselves against dog bite cases. Aggressive dogs come in every breed, shape, and size. Many people have the misconception that the breed of the dog can determine their temperament. However, this is not usually the case. A pit bull, rottweiler, or doberman usually gets the title as an aggressive dog in the public’s eye. However, these breeds usually have a very loving and friendly temperament when socialized and trained correctly. Aggressive dogs are usually the result of improper socilization, poor dog training techniques, lack of training, neglect, or abuse.  Whatever the case may be, getting pet insurance to protect your pocket against dog bites will depend on the dog’s temperament and not their breed.

Aggressive dog owners, is Pitbull Insurance a good option?

Like many people, you probably see your pet dog as a member of your family. In fact, should the truth be known, there might be times when you prefer the company of your furry pal.

After all, he does not argue with you, and he is always of the opinion that you are the best thing since sliced bread. As you care deeply for him, you might be toying with the idea of getting him insured.

You are probably aware that vet bills can be expensive, and do not want to find yourself in financial trouble if your dog needs emergency treatment and you have not budgeted to cover costs.

However, you might be torn between taking out a policy for pitbull insurance and crossing your fingers and hoping that a massive vet bill never comes your way. So what is the best option?

The advantages and disadvantages of pitbull insurance

Obtaining pitbull insurance is all about gaining peace of mind. If you do not take out a policy, you might have an uncomfortable feeling that you have made a mistake. Every year there are a great deal of dog owners who, sadly, opt to euthanize their pet because they cannot pay for treatment that could have extended their pals life.

Just thinking about such a scenario relating to your dog is probably enough to make your stomach churn in despair. Buy insurance, however, and you will not need to worry about making sure that your dog receives all the treatment he needs instead of facing a very different, dark option.

In addition, if someone sued you because your dog ran in front of their horse, causing them to take a medically expensive tumble, you would not need to panic all the way to the bank.

If you are money-conscious, and who is not in the present climate, you want to know whether pitbull insurance for your dog will turn out to be cost-effective. Of course, the answer is not clear because it depends upon the future health of your pet. He might never swallow a plastic bag and need surgery to remove it, and he might never develop a lengthy illness that requires intensive treatment.

On the other hand, perhaps he will. The bottom line is that if he needs costly treatment, you will be glad that you have taken out insurance to cover bills. However, if he never needs medical care, you will mull over how much money you have poured into an insurance companies coffers when you have nothing to show for your effort.

Unless you know that your dog has a high chance of becoming ill, or is a playful rogue that constantly has accidents, it might be that pitbull insurance costs you more than you are ever likely to claw back from a policy.

Self-insurance for dog owners

Putting an amount of money aside each month to cover potential medical bills for your dog could be a sensible option. The main problem with the idea, however, is that if a different type of emergency occurs, and it most likely will, you are liable to dip into your pet’s fund. Not doing so might seem foolish when you desperately need  cash in a crisis. If you want to make sure that self-insurance works, you will need to be strong and remind yourself that your dog’s fund is off limits.

In a medical emergency that threatens their dog’s life or wellbeing many people would do almost anything to save their dearly loved pet. If they have no money, they could be forced to sell their television, take out a loan, beg their friends and relatives for help, or face the fact that they simply cannot provide the care that their dog requires. If you never want to face such a horrible scenario, you might decide that pitbull insurance and self-insurance are the only viable options to safeguard your furry pal.

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