Naming Your Dog and Thinking Outside The Box

Naming your Dog – What Is In a Name?

Naming your dog can sometimes be more difficult than choosing the names of our children. After all with your newborn child we often go with the name of a grandparent, parent, favorite actor, or in some cases favorite neighbor (ask my cousin Sherman).

The Juniors, the seconds, and the thirds are easily rattled off and become the monikers in which bad little boys and girls answer to for a lifetime, as long as they don’t earn the nickname Pookie, or Junebug before middle school. However, when it comes to our pets the naming process can be entirely more exhausting!

We all know a King, Tyson, Princess or Lady. Names that dominate the canine databases at vet offices and pet stores. For every Michael there is a Spike, for every Amanda there is a Princess. There are countless bulldogs named Butch, or Irish Setters named Red.

Dogs named after famous dogs of course echo through dog parks and training classes across the world! The Lassies, Yellers, Odie, and Snoopys all have earned their spot on dog bowls and doghouses. What’s wrong with having a popular name for your dog? Absolutely nothing, but in a world where being different, is actually what gives many an identity, the pursuit of a clever name is often chased and pondered over for weeks!

naming your dog
Have you found naming your dog a bit hard or have you used a real popular name for your K9? Choosing a name outside the box can be a little bit harder but well worth it.

As you probably have surmised our pets could care less about how we go about naming your dog. I had a grandfather who named a dog simply dog. I know several dogs named Boy, or Girl. Stories of these dogs with the simple names are often told with the beginning and end starting with “The best dog I ever owned!”.

So why the pursuit of fancy names like Duchess Daughtry, or a pup named Luscious Lucious? Because there is a pursuit for identity and individuality that can be found in a extravagant name that is different, or separates a pet from others. The tenth black Labrador brought into a neighborhood can’t be the sixth one named Blackie.

So the owners will look into names like Onyx or Raven to honor the coat color, but to receive the looks and soft hand claps received for thinking outside of the name box! The other thing about a pets name is it makes owners feel that their pet is special, and particularly that they are somehow better than their neighbors! The best dog in the world brags don’t go over so well when you name your pet BoogerBox, so something fancy works better.

Now there are some names that should be avoided and I’m not talking about the Killers, or Gunners, but the more dark humored names that we’ve heard on occasion. Racial epitaphs should be avoided, as should slurs of any kind for naming your dog.

Obscene names also should fall under  the no name list, because although they may sound amusing when your drunk and surrounded by other inebriated coworkers, it may not go over so well at the county fair when “[email protected]$$” breaks off his leash and you are screaming for him at the top of your lungs in front of soccer moms and small children. Maybe Cocaine Cowboy sounds cool and tough in your living room, but it’s definitely not helping the cause when you walk your all white Pit Bull into the local pet store.

Most names are great and finding the right one is fun and will be a story that you share for a lifetime! Think of your breed and the personality of your pet and have as much fun in naming your dog as you will talking about your pet in the future!

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