Myths and Facts about Bully Max Supplements for dogs

Bully Max is an extraordinary dog food supplement packed with essential vitamins, minerals and proteins to promote building of healthy muscle in canines. Bully Max is also great for improving your dogs coat and leaving it with a nice and healthy shine. Bully Max is free from trans-fat, sucrose and corn syrup.

Bully Max is widely acknowledged as the most advanced muscle building, bone strengthening and performance enhancing formula available the market. Bully Max is ideal for pitbulls, bulldogs, English bulldogges, rottweilers, American bulldogs, German shepherds, American bullies, as well as all breeds of dogs.

The other proven benefits dogs derive from Bully Max is an enhanced immune system safeguarding your dog from infections, improved metabolism, and keener eyesight. Bully Max is recommended for extend endurance, speed recovery, effective oxygen delivery, post-surgery trauma, K9 athletes etc.

It is a fact that a research team consisting of nutritionists, biochemists and dog food technicians developed Bully Max®. Bully Max is the outcome of specialized research, extensive production trials as also several in-field trials with private dog owners and animal-sciences universities.

Bully Max supplements for dogs are high in healthy fats and fiber, minimal starch, and balanced with high quality protein. Bully Max potentially reduces the risk indigestion and diet-related disorders. Bully Max is a near complete solution for dog nutrition needs.

Safe dog food
Dog Supplements from Bully Max

It is noteworthy that Bully Max dog supplements are veterinarian approved, and prescribed for all breeds of dogs ages 7 weeks of age and older. Bully Max provides the nutrients required for dogs that participate in dog sports such as sled dog racing, dock jumping, weight pulling events, schutzhund, protection training, dog shows, as well as agility competitions. Bully Max is preferred by dog owners who want their dogs to reach their full potential in size, muscle mass and robust health. Bully Max Reviews are extremely positive from customers that have used Bully Max.

There is a myth that Bully Max is a food substitute and some dog owners believe that they can feed their dogs with Bully Max and deny them food. The truth is Bully Max is only a dog food supplement and not dog food substitute.

Please understand that your dog does not get adequate nutrients from dog foods alone. They need additional food supplement and Bully Max makes up for the missing nutrients in their diet.

Please remember that even the healthiest dog food available in the market is processed food. When a dog food is processed it loses a number of nutrients. Bully Max contains a number of these lost vital nutrients, along with essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to serve as a healthy dog supplement.

There is another myth that new born puppies can straightaway be fed with Bully Max so that they begin to derive the benefits of Bully Max early. Please note that Bully Max is intended for dogs that are 7 weeks of age and older. It is inadvisable to prematurely offer Bully Max to puppies.

One more myth surrounding Bully Max is many dog owners think that their dogs do not need exercises once they are fed with Bully Max. Nothing can be farther from truth than this supposition. Please note that Physical activities and exercises are absolutely indispensable for a dog’s health and Bully Max plays a supporting role in muscle building and bone strengthening.

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