How To Build Muscle In Your Dog With A Small Yard Or No Yard

Building muscle in your dog without much room can be a challenge.  Without a large backyard or access to a dog park you may not be able to easily exercise your dog.  Here are some helpful tips that anyone can do to give your dog a great workout in a small space.

1.) Play tug of War

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Dogs love tug of war.  This can be fun for you and can act as a bonding session as you work out your dog.  You will want to get a rugged toy that won’t break or rip easily but also one that is soft enough for your dog to sink their teeth into.  There are many toys on the market that are made for this or you can use something else. One example of this would be a rope toy. There is a chance of being bitten so you want something that is long enough to keep your hands away from the dog’s mouth. This will exercise your dogs jaw, neck, and shoulders.

2.) Play jumping games with your dog

Jumping exercises your dog’s rear legs.  It is easy to teach a dog to jump, especially if you are using food as a reward.  The challenging part is teaching them to jump when they are told, and not to jump on you or any guests you may have.  Start by holding the treat or toy away from your body with your arm extended.  Let the dog jump and pull the treat away so he cannot get it.  Allow your dog to retrieve the treat after several attempts.  It is important to reward your dog’s hard work.  Make sure he/she knows their boundaries by immediately correcting them when they jump on someone while not in exercise time.  Having your dog jump for a toy is an easy way to roll right into playing tug of war.

3.) Get out and run with them

Running is a great way for your dog to build muscle and keep in shape.  If you are physically able this is a great way to get yourself in shape as well.  You don’t need to be a marathon runner to get started.  Start with short distances at a comfortable pace.  If you do this every couple days before long both you and your dog will be looking great.

4.) Get a weight Vest

There are many vests for your dog you can choose from.  And like all exercises it is best to start light and work up.  This will prevent injury to your furry friend.  Many of these have slots and additional weights so you can add more over time.  You can play and wrestle with your dog doing any number of activities while they are wearing a vest.  These can also be worn while running if you are not in shape enough to fully work them out.

5.) Use a flirt pole

A flirt pole is one of the best ways to exercise and build muscle in your dog.  We have written about them before but wanted to include them on this list because you don’t need a lot of room.  You can buy a flirt pole or make one and the cost to buy the parts and make one yourself if very cheap.  Check out this video to see how you can give your dog an amazing workout in just a few square feet:

This is something you will want to do outside but don’t need a large yard to do so.

Whether your dog hates the winter and you live in a cold climate, you live in a city or simply don’t have the space, these tips can help you have the best looking and healthiest dog possible.  If you have any of your own thoughts or suggestions please leave a comment and let us know.

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