Mugleston pitbull Farm: Some Seriously Big Dogs

A Focus on Big Dogs: Mugleston pitbull Farm

mugleston pitbull
At Mugleston pitbull farm, they are well know for producing blue nose XL American Bullies that top the scale off over 100 lbs and up.

If you’ve ever seen a huge pit bull and wondered where it came from, chances are good it is connected to the mugleston pitbull Farm (often called mugleston pitbull Farm or similar) lineage. Located in the Mountains of Northern California, these breeders have a reputation for producing significantly larger than the average pitbulls. It’s important to keep others’ opinions in mind when deciding which breeder to choose. The pitbull community is tightly-knit and willing to share details on their experiences.

The farm has enough demand to produce many large pitbulls, and tends to sell dogs to celebrities and those looking for a discreet pitbull purchase. They focus on well-muscled dogs with big heads and a generally large build. Here are some factors to consider when looking at this pit bull breeder.

Large dogs are their main appeal.
Different breeders focus on different elements of their dogs to encourage certain traits. Some breeders focus on producing calm, quiet dogs, while others look for specific coat colors, for instance. The focus at this pit bull farm is definitely size! They focus on breeding great big dogs, so if you’re looking for a pitbull as a protection dog because of the visual intimidation and discouragement factor, chances are good a dog from this farm will discourage any potential intruders quickly! The extra size may create health problems, but properly-bred dogs should not suffer from genetic conditions if the breeder has been careful in their lineage.

The stud cost of a Mugleston pitbull seems higher than normal.
While it is hard to determine an average price to pay for a pitbull stud, the cost at this farm is almost certainly higher than you might expect to pay. You may sell pitbull puppies for a thousand dollars or more if you’re a reputable breeder, but it typically costs several thousand dollars to get a breeding from one of their second-class pitbulls. Of course, this may reflect demand and the fact that they are limiting breedings from each stud, their individual pricing choices, or some other factor. Whatever the case, pitbulls that have lineage connected to this breeder may cost more than other puppies to reflect the necessity to pay back this cost.

Mugleston pitbull Puppies cost much more than usual.
Again, this pit bull farm seems to be pricing their dogs highly. The cost to adopt a puppy from the farm is almost certainly tailored to celebrities and those with lots of money to pay for a pitbull. If this is your first pitbull and you want to see how you like the breed, it’s almost certainly not a good idea to go with this breeder. People have reported costs into five figures for puppies from this farm, and considering that you can often get a great pitbull for four figures or less, you will have to carefully consider whether the lineage is worth it.

Health testing is always a concern.
No matter what breeder you are considering, you should ask close questions about health testing. They should provide testing for all standard conditions and genetic problems like OFA-certified hip testing. Particularly when dealing with a type of dog that has been bred for a physical characteristic such as size, you will want to ensure your dog is healthy from the very start. Some say that muglestons doesn’t provide the same health testing that other breeders do.

Size may trump all else.
If, after all of these factors, you are still considering this pit bull farm for the size of its dogs, you may be willing to put up with other rumored inconveniences or crossbreeding in order to get a dog of the size and weight that the mugleston pitbull Farm offers. This may particularly be the case if you plan to enter your dog into weight-pulling competitions and similar. Still, sheer body size is no guarantee of muscle, so you will need to exercise, supplement, train, and otherwise work on your dog before they’re ready for competitions.

Like any breeder, there is controversy about this pit bull farm. If you are new to pit bulls, it is probably a good idea to pay a little less for your first pit bull while you become familiar with the breed. Make sure you work with a breeder who is willing to accommodate you if you don’t know much about the breeds and answer any question, no matter how small. When you’re ready for show dogs, you can enter the pit bull community and learn more about different breeders, the lineages they offer, and the types of dogs they tend to produce.