The Monthly Cost of Owning a Dog

monthly cost of owning a dogThe Monthly Money Mutt

A large amount of individuals love dogs, and a large amount if individuals own dogs. Yet there is another segment of society that wants dogs, but has reservations about actually jumping the dog house and bringing a dog in their home. There are a lot of reasons that a potential pooch owner may be nervous, from care to training. However, the main reason that many are apprehensive about adding a canine pet to their family has to do with the financial burden and responsibility required to do so.  This article will break down the monthly cost of owning a dog.

The cost of owning a dog per month

How much is the monthly cost of owning a dog? What’s the start up and what’s the monthly and yearly expense involved with owning mans best friend. The start up starts with the dog itself. This number can vary on a lot of issues, but most involved would say that initial investment will range from $200 to $1000. Depending of you plan to show, work, compete or just purchase a family pet.

The dollar sign amount is a one time fee, and this initial investment really should be determined and weighed by how much your family can actually afford. It’s not the end all be all, and as a one time fee it’s not a make or break number. It will throw up the cost the first year so we must include it in the monthly cost of owning a dog.

Cost of Dog Food

The next initial investment will include dog food. $25 dollars will get you a mid grade bag of quality food and feed your pet for that initial first month. Research some of the top rated dog foods prior to selecting your dog’s food.

Aside from a quality dog food, a quality dog supplement is recommended. Especially for active, working, and show dogs. A quality dog supplement such as Bully Max costs around 11.00 per month. Get deals on Bully Max. Dog bowls, leashes all will run right under $50. Elevated dog bowls are recommended for show dogs in order to maintain a good posture.

Cost of housing

The purchasing of a crate will be $50 to $100, but again this may be a one time purchase not a monthly cost of owning a dog. If you are purchasing an outdoor kennel, Priefert Kennels are the highest quality kennels. While they easily triple the price of a chain link kennel, there is no comparison when it comes to safety and durability. Find a Priefert Kennel Dealer.

Cost of Priefert Kennels:

  • 5′ x 5′ Kennel Kit: $573.00
  • 5′ x 10′ Kennel Kit: $691.00
  • 10′ x 10′ Kennel Kit $827.00

Pet Health Costs

The first vet visit will run you $50-$100 as well and at this point you may be thinking what have I gotten myself into. You then need to purchase flea and heartworm preventative. This will run you about $20. So looking at the initial investment of the monthly cost of owning a dog, you may be thinking the idea of owning a dog is more enjoyable than actually owning one, (at least the idea is cheaper!). The first investment even if the dog is free is right around $500 on the most cost effective end of the scale. The opposite side if the scale may have you spending a few thousand dollars. The good news is this is just an initial investment and most of these purchases will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

So the true cost a month is primarily dog food, flea and tick medicine, and heartworm preventative. This will be just around $50 a month. Definitely not a back breaker, but an expense that can weigh on a family depending on their financial situation. Buying a yearly supply of heartworm and flea preventative will offset a little of the expense and save a family some money. Vet visits are annual and emergency based so this expense isn’t a monthly toll on the pocket book. A savings for vet care is recommended and setting aside $20 a month will help in the event that there is an emergency situation, or for an old age fun when vet care becomes more regular you have something set aside for the expense adding to the monthly cost of owning a dog.

How much can a canine vet emergency cost? Well this is a tough question, because the variables are just too vast and the expense can be a couple hundred dollars are a couple thousand dollars adding to your total monthly cost of owning a dog. The truth of the matter is medical care in humans and dogs both can break the bank. It’s easy if you are financially fortunate, but if you are like a great deal of people, a thousand dollar emergency can set back your family on essential needs and wants and cause friction in a household. There really is no way to expect the unexpected. There are however insurance plans that will help in the event of a tragedy that could not be avoided. These insurance plans can range from $15 to $100 a month however, but in the event of an accident they will definitely come in handy and can not only save a budget, but could potentially save a life.

Monthly cost of owning a dog

The fact is owning a pet is not cheap, scratch that being a responsible pet owner is not cheap in regards to the expenses that can be incurred and created from owning one the right way. The right way means doing what’s best for your pet and your family. The start of doing what’s right is being honest about what you can and can not afford. Bring Ilya pet into your household with the plan that it will be a part of your family permanently and not temporarily. This mindset will mean planning to be financially responsible for your new family member and owning up to the expense regardless of cost.

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