Mikeland Kennels American Bully Dog Breeders

Mikeland Kennels concrete

Mikeland Kennels American Bully Stud “Concrete” is one of Mikeland’s most popular and best producing stud dogs. He is a direct son of BULL CITY’S/MIKELAND’S ROSCOE DNA-P. His pedigree also consists of MIKELAND’S KRACKER JACK and Gottyline’s 21 BLACKJACK from Gottyline Kennels in California (Now known as DAXLINE kennels).

Amongst the best of kennels is Mikeland Kennels that was begun by Mike Wallander, Shelley Neighbors, and later his son, Kori Wallander. Along with the Mikeland Federation, these premium kennels have made quite an impact on the world of bullies and has made it much easier for bully lovers to find the pet of their choice. Breeding gottiline blood thick into their lines, ancestors date back to 21Blackjack, Juan Gotty, Moo Moo, and all of the famous dogs that made the gottiline bloodline popular.

The American Bully community has been revolutionized with the introduction of a number of premium kennels and different breeds within the breed of bullies, leaving dog lovers with a very wide choice. Choosing from premium kennels gives dog owners an edge above other random choices because it gives them the guarantee that their bully is all that he is supposed to be and is of pure bloodline. This guarantees specific traits and ensures high quality of the animal.

Getting Your Bully From Mikeland Kennels

Dedicated to the best bloodlines and the best breeds of bullies, these kennels have been quite popular especially from 1996 since one of its products received a major award. The bullies from these kennels are known to have a wide front, are short, and have a blocky head. In collaboration with other kennels for purebred bullies, the Mikeland Federation was established, from which some famous bullies have emerged. Some of the best stud dogs have been used for breeding, and unlike other breeding programs, more than one dog was used to propagate the bloodline.

Choosing your pet from Mikeland Kennels will give you a bully that is truly unique. For those who understand bullies well, it is easy to identify a Mikeland bully just by looking at it. While most of the dogs from this kennel have an intimidating and fierce look, their nature is very gentle in complete contrast to their looks. All of this adds to contribute to the uniqueness of the bloodline of these kennels. For those with a negative outlook on bully breeds, the bloodlines from this kennel have gone a long way in reversing quite a few misrepresented opinions.

These premium kennels, apart from showcasing bullies of all ages for sale, also work with bully owners to get the best out of their pet. If you are a bully owner, you can interact with other owners of this breed from around the world on their bully board. This gives you an edge as it helps you find out more about care of your pet and also find out latest news about bullies. There are a number of shows that are featured by these kennels in collaboration with the rest of the federation and you can showcase the skills and talents of your bully along with others.

Choosing from these Mikeland kennels gives you the advantage of complete guarantee that the bully you get is the right one and of pure bloodline. There is no compromise on its purebred status and all dogs sold at this kennel are certified to be of the best breed. Revolutionising the world of American Bullies, the Mikeland Federation and its kennels is the best choice for all bully lovers to get the best of their breeds.