Know All About Attack Dogs

The police attack dog is trained to bite anybody if given a command. These dogs are normally associated with the police and they have had a different usage in the human-dog history. Much time ago, the attack dogs were trained to break the first line of the enemy army and kill the fugitives. The theory of a protection dog suggests that he must be able to bite and stop it on hearing a command. Therefore, an attack dog is very useful for the police force as they are not dangerous animals.

Sadly, many dogs are trained to attack but are not trained to stop attacking on the command by the handler. Moreover, there are dogs that start biting their owner or the trainer. These are not the protection dog they are dangerous animals normally owned by irresponsible people.  

A properly trained police attack dog should also be socialized and have gone through proper obedience training. These dogs will never attack any person unless they see their handler or owner under a threat. Each protection dog for the public service must be chosen according to the physical and psychological characteristics. And additionally these dogs have to undergo proper and extensive training.   

Police attack dog is not same as the guard dogs. An attack dog can be a guard dog but a guard dog cannot be an attack dog. The main purpose of a guard dog is to inform the master about stranger. A guard dog will not attack the stranger. This is the reason why even small breed dogs can be utilized as a guard dog but they cannot be protection dog.
Can police attack dog be dangerous? The attack dogs will be dangerous if he has received a wrong training. He will become a dangerous dog which can also attack the owner. But, if an attack dog is properly trained then you will be safe. Now, the safety primarily depends upon the handler of the dog. An experienced dog will be able to assess the stimuli and respond back. In this way, he will be able to avoid the most risky situations. Alternatively, a properly trained protection dog will be dangerous if the handler does not have proper experience and does not know about detecting the stimuli of the dog. This situation is just like a small kid with a large knife who does not know what to do.  

Therefore, if you want to give your dog attack training then even you would have to enroll for a similar course in the first place. You can get enrolled in the same club with your dog. Practicing sports like French Ring, Mondio Ring etc are the best way to start the attack training of your dog. These sports have a high standard of training and they give stress on dog behavior  canine aggression and training. Normally the sport dogs are reliable and safe as their owners are experienced people who understand the behavior of the dog. Police attack dog is a necessity in our society these days. This is because nobody can compete with these dogs.    

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