Introduction About Weight Pulling In Dogs

Weight pulling for the dogs is a budding sport that is available to any breed. The art of pulling for the dogs is not a new sport. It has been centuries since dogs have been pulling sleds, cart and wagons. The competitions of weight pulling were formally organized during the United States during the year of 1970. This sport is now being organized in the other parts of the world. A lot of people still think that weight pulling is harmful for the dog. They believe that dog is made to pull heavy weights that they cannot handle themselves.

Now what is dog weight pulling? This is a competitive game during which a dog pulls certain amount of weights to a certain distance within the specified amount of time. The complete distance that a dog has to pull the weight is approximately 16 feet. If your dog is not being able to pull weights, it is known as no-pull and the dog will no longer be part of the competition. This is the reason why you must allow the dog to pull all the weight but with assistance and dog training. You will note that the dog will not lose confidence during the next run.

The kit that is used during the weight pulling is very different from racing and normal running. The main gear that is used for weight dog training is harness. The X-back harness and weight pulling harness is completely different. These two are not interchangeable. The weight pulling harness has sidelines which are connected to the hook at the end. This does not continue up to the hips of the dog. Such a harness is very important because then a dog that weighs 60 lbs can pull the weight around 2000 lbs.

A dog has to pull a cart-wheel on solid ground or a sledge on the snow. The master/handler has no contact with the dog during the weight pulling competition and the dog has to pull on its own. A competition has several rounds in it and the weight keeps on increasing during each round. Any dog that completes a round can participate in the next with heavy weights and the competition is won by the dog that can pull heaviest weight the farthest. Proper dog training is required for this sport.

For dog lovers who have just begun to enter the competition there are two types of class novice class and regular. In the novice dog training class the master is allowed lead the dog through the complete circuit. It does not mean that the master will pull him forward forcefully. The master can here cross the line and encourage the dog forward. Even then the master cannot touch the dog. In these classes two-no-pulls are allowed before disqualifying the dog. The regular classes only allow one no-pull to the dog candidate.

If you provide proper dog training for weight pull then your dog can successfully take part in these competitions. Weight pulling is a popular sport and you must let your dog take part in it.You never know that your dog might happily surprise you!

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