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Interesting Facts About Police Dogs

From time immemorial, dogs have been used for protection and detective capabilities. All of us know that dogs have a killing ability to catch a person by his scent which actually cannot be detected by a normal human nose.  In the modern day, they were first utilized by the American government during the riots and the Vietnam War. Police dogs are now considered a part of the police force and they are also awarded medals for their great work. The police canine dogs are also sometimes provided with a full police funeral.

There are several duties of police dogs. These dogs are trained to help their master in most of their tasks. The tasks include finding, threatening or arresting a criminal. The “detection dogs” are those dogs who further work with the police to locate scents of criminals or drugs. These dogs are trained to detect explosives, bombs, criminals and drugs. Police canine dogs and detection dogs are both utilized by the state departments like customs, military forces and local counter terrorism units.

What are the dog breeds that can be trained as police dogs? According to professionals, the dog breeds that can go for a police training are Doberman, Boxers, German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherd dogs, Belgian, Bouvier des Flandres and Akitas. But German Shepherds were the first breed that was utilized by the state as police canine dogs. These dogs became extremely successful in their job.

When we look at the history we will find that the first people that used dogs as police dogs were the Greeks, Persians, Babylonians and Assyrians. These nations used dogs as protection or for various war techniques during the 5th Century B.C. When the Roman Empire fell down, the dogs were again utilized by the Spanish Invaders as police canine dogs. The dogs have been since then popular in the British forces and everywhere else too!

When police dogs try to seize a criminal he will bite the criminal using both his incisors. As stated in the K9 Global Training Academy’s website, the flesh can get removed due to this action. Wounds and scars are bound to happen when police canine dogs fight with a criminal. Severe infection is possible if the wound is not treated properly. This website also states that the functions and importance of a police dog cannot be replaced by any weapon. But, in all the handlers of the police dog must be trained well.

The famous police dogs are normally awarded with medals during the ceremonies for their famous work. “Tracker” was awarded during his retirement, he was working for the Ontario Provincial Police and he made 500 successful searches before retirement. He was a 10 year old German shepherd. “Lance” is another dog working for the Ontario Provincial Police; he searched for 3 long hours for a missing woman before leading her safely to her house. “Pascha” is a well known dog in the Oklahoma City and he had worked for the City Bombings as a rescue dog. He also helped during the Earthquake in Kobe, Japan and the Hurricane Opal victims of Florida.