How to test the strength of your dog

american pit bull terrierOne way to measure dog strength is by measuring the power that they have in their jaw. It is difficult to say which dog breed is the strongest. The strength of a dog will vary according to the breed, animal and of course, the circumstances. The scientific term for the measurement of a dog bite is known as bite force. It is obvious that the more pressure a dog puts on the bite, the damage done to the object or person bitten will be more. This bite force is measured in pounds per square inch, also known as PSI.

Several tests were conducted by National Geographic on a number of members of the canine family to test dog strength or the strength of their bite. Digital bite meters were used to measure the bite force of several dogs. It was found, to no one’s surprise, that the bigger and more muscular dog bites were much more damaging than those of their smaller counterparts. A significantly higher force is put on the bite of a large canine.

The Mastiff is a breed that has the highest bite force when they were tested to measure dog strength. Their bite force is measured at 556 PSI. These domesticated canines are large and muscular but despite their size, they are gentle and enjoy the company of humans. Many people called them gentle giants. They can weigh between 150 and 160 pounds.

The next breed to have high bite force is the Rottweiler. When the strength of  dog was tested, their bite force was measured at 328 PSI. This is a substantial amount of pressure that is exerted by their jaw. They are a great breed to have whether it is for guarding your home or for the police force. Their wide jaws make them dangerous if they bite.

German Shepherds weigh about 75 to 85 pounds and their bite force is measured at about 238 PSI. This is an impressive amount of pressure especially when it is compared to what they weigh. When it comes to dog strength, they are one of the highest. Their strength and intelligence are what make them so ideal for the police force. They are able to detect drugs and explosives which is beneficial for law enforcement agencies.

Pit bulls have a recorded bite force of 235 PSI. This is only 71 percent of the pressure that a Rottweiler puts into its bite. This breed has been deemed dangerous by many people but the fact is that they are misunderstood. When it comes to strength of dog, they are very strong but need training so that they can be loving companions.

A dog’s strength can differ from breed to breed. However, the circumstances that make them bite something or someone is a major factor in the amount of pressure that is exerted. A small dog can bite just as hard as a big one if the circumstances require it to bite as hard as it can.

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