Stop Dog Barking – A How To Guide

Stop Dog Barking

stop dog barking
If you’re tired of waking up in the early morning hours and wondering why your dog won’t stop its excessive barking, you’re not alone. Many dog owners struggle with dog barking for years without ever understanding why dogs bark or what to do about it. Before you start punishing your pup for its extreme barking behavior, you may want to learn more about what it’s reacting to and how you may be able to change your environment. Other helpful training tips:

Dogs Bark Because We Trained Them To

Dogs have been bred for centuries to operate as a type of alarm system, and many dogs are still used for this purpose today. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of dog owners every year that cite their pets as the reason they were alerted to a fire, intruder or even earthquake. When we initially domesticated dogs we selected them to be very sensitive to changes in our environment so they could alert us to both potential predators and potential prey. Thousands of years of instinct won’t disappear just because we purchased a home alarm system.

Dogs Bark Because We’re Barking Too

If you’ve ever been woken up in the middle of the night by your dog, it’s very likely you started yelling for them to stop. Perhaps you were even perplexed when this only seemed to encourage the behavior, but you shouldn’t have been. Your dog is going to interpret your loud shouts as additional barking and it will only bolster its efforts. For all it knows, you’re shouting “stop” at an intruder, not at it.

Dogs Bark to Other Dogs

Dogs aren’t always barking out of aggression. Dogs don’t have cell phones and they don’t have a social media system. If your dog is lonely, bored or just feeling a little antsy, it may start barking to seek out other dogs to talk to. It may also start talking to a neighbor’s dog or even to the television. Dogs that are left alone for long periods of time will often display this type of behavior.

Whenever your dog is barking, you can be assured that it has the best of attention. It’s trying to keep you safe, trying to follow your lead or simply trying to get a little attention. Acknowledging your dog’s needs and fears is the best way to eliminate this problem effectively.

Methods used to stop dog barking

If you dog is causing neighbors to complain and the barking is becoming a major problem, there are some solutions.

One way to stop dog barking is by teaching them to “Speak” on command, then give them the command to “Stop Barking”.

How to stop dog barking on command:

  • Have your dog on a leash (In case you have to give a tug to encourage them to stop barking).
  • Have someone Ring the door bell, and give them the “Speak” command. You can encourage barking by actually barking yourself.
  • Then give them the “Stop Barking” command.
  • Once they are quiet, wait a couple of seconds and reward them with a praise or a treat.
  • Be sure to only give them praise when they are completely quit.
  • It’s also important to only give them the command one time, and one time only. When you repeat yourself with a command, the dog will think it’s alright to listen the third, fourth, or fifth time you use the command. Say the command one time firmly and wait until they are quit before praising them. As stated before, you can give their leash a tug to encourage them to stop. However, you don’t want to repeat the command more than once.

Stopping puppies from barking when they are in their crates.

If you have a puppy that continues to bark in their crate, there are a couple methods you can use to stop barking. One way is by cover their crate with a blanket or cloth. This prevents them from being stimulated to bark by things that they see outside of the crate. This also give the pup a sense of security. By covering the crate you are making a den like atmosphere for them to live in, which most dogs like. Try to determine when the puppy is actually barking because they need to go to the bathroom and not just because they want out. If you let the puppy out of the crate every time they bark, they will think barking is the way of asking to be let out of the crate. Another method is to use a water bottle and squirt the puppy when they bark. Make sure this is something that they don’t enjoy, because some dogs don’t mind it and will make a game out of it.

5 additional tips to stop dog barking:

1. Be calm and don’t lose your cool

If you are frustrated and act irrational, your dog will not listen to you. Dog’s listen to calm and firm energy and will only bark more if they see you are frustrated. Make sure to calm yourself before trying to calm the dog and stop dog barking.

2. Correct the barking issue and follow through on it.

When you correct your dog and tell them to stop barking, their body may appear calm but their mind is still on alert. Make sure you correct them and their focus is off of what was causing them to bark. When they are calm and relaxed, you can then move on. You can reinforce their calm behavior by praising them after they are completely relaxed.

3. Challenge your dog mentally and physically.

Usually your dog is barking excessively, they are doing it  to release pent up energy. When you exercise your dog’s mind and body throughly, they won’t have the energy to bark excessively. They are more likely to be in a calm and balanced state after an extensive workout or training session.

4. Use a bark collar.

Bark collars are also a way to stop dog barking. However, this would only be recommended in extreme cases such as your dog barking at night and causing neighbors to make complaints with the police.

5. Call a professional dog trainer

When you brought your dog into your home, you made a commitment to provide the care they need. If you tried all of these methods to stop dog barking, then call a professional trainer. Dog training just may not be for you. If this is the case, calling a professional trainer to help with the problem may be the best bet.

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