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How To Heal Pulled Muscles In Dog?

No dog lover in the world would be happy watching his dog limp. In build dog muscles if the dog is limping then he might be suffering from a pulled muscle, joint problems, arthritis, disc problems, ligament problems etc. Pulled muscle is painful for a dog but it is easy to treat and inexpensive too. When muscles in dog get pulled then they experience a hot or tight feeling within that area. Normally a dog injures his muscles while running. They mostly damage their ribs, back and their haunches. A cage rest and anti-inflammatory tablets for 3 to 4 days is the most common treatment for muscle pull.

After the dog is hurt during build dog muscles you will have to quickly evaluate the situation. Press around the neck area gently and take your hands further down along his back and the sides. Then later you must also run your hands through his legs. Here in pulled muscles in dog you will look for swelling, tenderness and an area that is hotter than the rest of the body.

You will have to apply a cold pack immediately to the affected area of muscle pull. Take your dog to a veterinarian immediately. If you do not have a cold pack made at home then you could make one for muscles in dog by mixing 1/3 rubbing alcohol with 2/3 water and freezing it. Wrap it in a cloth and apply immediately for 20 minutes. If you want to reapply the pack then wait again for 20 minutes before re-application in build dog muscles.

You must visit a veterinarian as soon as possible because your dog is in extreme pain for the muscles in dog. The veterinarian will perform a lameness exam. He will make your dog walk for some time. Your vet will note the heat, swelling, and tenderness in the muscles and joints. He might even take an x-ray of the affected area. He might even want some blood tests done for Ehrlichia, Lyme disease and other blood borne pathogens which can cause muscle pull during build dog muscles. After a proper diagnosis he will prescribe painkillers such as, Previcox and Rimadyl. If it is a serious case then he might even prescribe steroids and antibiotics.

During a pulled muscles in dog you might have to get your dog in a cage rest for a number of days or as prescribed by your veterinarian. Resting in the cage will provide ample chance for the area to heal properly. It will also minimize the risk of making the injury severe.

After the healing process is over you must begin the activities of a dog slowly. You will again have to work on the fitness of your dog. You must avoid hardcore exercises for dogs. You must not try to examine the affected area of the dog when he is growling or snapping. Never give aspirin to your dog without the permission of a veterinarian. Take care of your dog in his time of distress during build dog muscles.