How to get strong bones for dog

Most dog owners want their dogs to be robust and playful.  A slothful or inactive dog will present a sorry spectacle. But to ensure your dog remains always active and alert, you will have to ensure that your dog develops strong dog bones. If you bestow some attention and care, you can help strengthen your dog’s bones.

As a first step, check the ingredients of your dog’s food. A healthy, well balanced diet is of paramount importance for your dog’s bone strength. Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus are strongly recommended for promoting bone strength. The onus is on you to identify a dog food containing all three of these ingredients.

Pictured above is a bully whippet.

Read the dog food labels and check the ingredients when you go to buy at the pet store. Search for dog food that containing glucosamine, which will strengthen your dog’s bones as well as joints. Joint, bone and muscle health are critical for preserving your dog’s health. Before you choose a dog food, we recommend researching what is in dog food.

You should subject your to daily exercises as when it comes to strengthening a dog’s bone strength there is no substitute for some rigorous physical exercises. Exercise is an important part of developing and maintaining toned bones, and acquiring a strong skeletal structure. Using the leash, you should take your dog out on walks preferable on all days.

Most dog owners have a tendency to overlook their dog’s health if the dog appears to be healthy from outside. However, many dogs suffer from internal bone deficiency and it is therefore essential for your dog to get his daily dose of exercise as well as balanced food.

Daily exercise will also keep your dog’s heart robust and reduce the likelihood of obesity. It can also prevent diabetes, because exercise allows the metabolism to speed up – thereby making it easier for him to fragment carbohydrates.

Teach your dog to jump – as by frequently jumping over things dogs develop strong bones and enhanced agility. Involve your dog in a game of tug-of-war. Of course you need to be cautious about your dog’s teeth and spine when it is excitedly pulling. Tug-of-war will give their leg bones and shoulder bones a good workout.

Encourage your dog to run around and play as often as possible. Please know that most dog breeds store tons of energy and they need to release the energy. However, make it a point to consult a vet before subjecting your dog to rigorous exercises and also when you change your dog’s diet.

As for as possible, you can provide home cooked meals for your dog. Try to learn the nutritional needs of dogs and by personally cooking for your dog, you can ensure it gets the right amount of crucial vitamins, minerals, protein and calcium.

Bones in dogs need a little bit of stress in order for them to grow properly and rapidly. Active dogs with strong bones tend to live longer, have more energy and generally stay active. It is said that on an average, a dog should get at last 30 to 60 minutes of physical exercise daily. This could be in the form of walking, running, swimming or dog games.

But relying only on some home-made food or readily available dog food may not provide the required nutrients for strengthening the dog’s bones. You must feed a suitable dog food supplement that contains essential vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, calcium etc. in right proportions.

Bully Max dog supplement, approved by veterinarians, are strongly recommended for promoting bone strength in dogs. Bully Max burns excess fat and aids the over all healthy growth of the dog’s muscles. It can be used as a dog muscle builder, muscle recovery, as well as a multivitamin supplement for dogs.

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